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Quick tip: Hapara Highlights has a self-diagnostic check that is run from a student device, and can resolve some commonly experienced issues, including blank student panels.

Sometimes Highlights can't "see" the activity of a student who is part of the class and shows a "blank" student panel without any sites, documents or URLs:

The blank student panel displays one of these message:

Message displayed How to interpret result and troubleshoot further
School is finished for the day

Highlights has been configured to work only during specific school hours, and it is currently outside of those hours.

This can be resolved by asking an Administrator to check Time Restrictions.

Student is outside school network

Highlights has been configured to work only when the student is connected to specific school networks, and the student is not connected to one of these configured networks.

This can be resolved by checking the IP address the student is connected through, and asking an Administrator to check IP restrictions.

Student is not currently browsing the internet

The student's browser does not have any tabs open or only has blank tabs open.

Check with the student whether they have any tabs open. If they do have tabs open, run a self-diagnostic check to further diagnose.

Student is offline  There are several possible causes of Student is offline including:
  • The student is not at school
  • The student does not have their device switched on
  • The student is not connected to the school network
  • The student is not logged into their ChromeBook or browser using their school email address
  • The Highlights extension is not installed in the student's Chrome browser

If the student is available in your class, please run a self-diagnostic check to further diagnose why the student appears as offline.

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