Handling Multiple users logged into same device Follow

It's not uncommon for multiple students to be logged into the same device or Chrome browser. This can give unexpected results with Hapara Highlights, and may fail a Highlights Diagnostic Check.


Multiple-Students Icon

In this situation, Highlights displays the multiple-students icon in the student panel. An extended pink panel appears, showing the other students, who are also logged into the device:




To resolve this situation in your current class session:

  1. Ask the impacted student to sign all other students out of Gmail on their device. IE: so only one student remains logged into the device.
    • Open Gmail
    • In the top right, click any other student's photo/account picture
    • Click Sign out
    • Repeat for all other users visible

  2. After a few seconds, the student panel should automatically update or you can refresh your teacher view. The pink panel should disappear, and the sites and URLs associated with the remaining student will be displayed:

  3. To permanently resolve this, please ask any users involved in the multiple session scenario to remotely sign out of other Google sessions. This means all users signed into that Device or Chrome Browser should:
    • Open Gmail.
    • In the bottom right corner, click Details and then Sign out all other web sessions.

We strongly recommend schools turn off their devices at the end of the day or restart every morning to prevent these issues from happening.


To prevent students from using multiple Google accounts, please contact your Administrator.



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