Handling a student who is logged onto multiple devices Follow

A student can be logged onto multiple devices (say two laptops) simultaneously. If the devices all have the Highlights extension installed, then the Highlights module will "see" both devices. Highlights can't automatically choose which of the devices to display to the teacher. 


Multi-device Icon

In this situation, Highlights shows the multi-device icon  in the student panel.

Also, to help you pick which device you are interested in, an extended pink panel appears showing 2 or more icons (depending on how many devices the student is logged into):


Resolving this situation

To resolve this situation:

From the student perspective:

From the teacher perspective:

  • Request the student to sign out of all other web sessions, leaving just their main device logged in.
  • After a few seconds, the student panel will automatically update - and the sites and URLs associated with the remaining Google session will be displayed.


Alternatively, the student can remain logged into multiple sessions, and in the Highlights student panel the teacher can:

  • Click on each device icon, to display sites and URLs associated with that device
  • Decide which of the devices you require visibility of, and select that device’s icon
  • Click on the x symbol at top right to close extended panel
  • The sites and URLs associated with the device you selected will be displayed:


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