Workspace Release Notes - October 20, 2015 Follow

What's New in Workspace

  • Up to now if a teacher left a column in a Workspace empty then learners would see that empty column. Now, if a teacher chooses not to add cards to a column, that column will not show to learners and the remaining columns will expand to fill the space. See example below showing a Workspace with no goals:

Teacher View

Learner View

  • When a learner is on the Workspace home page they will now see their Workspaces organised by class:

  • Co-teachers can now remove themselves from a Workspace, and the creator of a Workspace can also remove co-teachers. Simply click the “x” alongside the co-teacher name to remove them from the Workspace.


  • If you drag and drop an entire class onto an empty group, the class name will become the name of the group. You can edit this if you’d prefer a different group name.
  • If a learner attaches evidence to a card they will now be able to delete it and add a different piece of evidence IF it has not yet been submitted. This is to help with learners selecting the wrong document and not being able to replace it.
  • Documents were not opening correctly for learners using iPads. Work has been done to improve Workspace on iPad and this includes opening and working on documents.
  • There was a bug that caused learners to see all their cards with the blue group colour regardless of what colour group they were in. This has been fixed.
  • Learners were receiving an unhelpful “not found” error when trying to work on a card that the teacher had deleted, this has been replaced with a slightly more informative “Sorry, but this card is not in the workspace anymore” message until we are able to find a better solution.
  • When our authentication call to Google fails and it appears to be a temporary issue, we now ask the customer to try again rather than sending them to the “looks like you’re not a customer” page.
  • Moved error messages so they don’t get hidden behind tooltips.
  • Resolved an issue using Workspace in private or incognito mode (or with localstorage disabled).
  • Made improvements to the way document permissions are handled to avoid errors when learners open documents.
  • Made a change to the way cards are saved to improve consistency and prevent the submit behaviour disappearing for some learners when attaching a document to an evidence card.
  • Fixed an issue being experienced on split domains, where after work was assessed, if the learner tried to open the document they had read-only access instead of editing access. Also made a change to improve documents opening reliably for learners in split-domains.
  • We’ve made a big improvement to updates when your network is terrible, this will be especially noticeable on iPads.
  • Teachers were seeing a “looks like something went wrong” error when using the calendar to select start/due dates on evidence cards. This is now fixed.


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