Workspace Release Notes - October 28, 2015 Follow

What's New in Workspace

  • The “All” filter at the top of Workspace will now show ALL Workspaces regardless of what class is selected in the navigation at the top of the page. This change is to ensure teachers who are added as a co-teacher to a Workspace are able to find that Workspace even if they don’t teach the class it is assigned to.
  • Previously, when a learner opened or attached a document on an evidence card, they would then have to click the “started work” link to expand the card further and then click the submit button. We’ve simplified this so the document and submit button are both visible straight away for learners:

Old view:

New view:

  • Learners were able to email the teacher who created a Workspace from the Workspace home page, but when in a Workspace there was no way to email a teacher. We’ve improved this by adding an email icon alongside each teacher name:


Please also note that the email functionality relies on your browser having a mail client (like Gmail) set. To set this, follow the steps shown in the image below:

  • The Workspace home page had a broken line showing when a Workspace was assigned to many classes. This has been tidied up.
  • When assigning a card to groups the coloured group selectors weren’t completely filled. This looked odd and has now been fixed.


  • We’ve made improvements to how Workspace handles timeouts.
  • When selecting a due date from the calendar it wasn’t clear which date had been selected, this has been updated so you can now clearly see which is the selected due date:


  • Long links added to cards by learners were extending over the edges of the card. This has been neatened up.
  • When in the Activity Summary page you are able to click on the headings to sort that panel by card/group/participant/action/event but this wasn’t clearly indicated and teachers were asking us to add this functionality (that is already there). We’ve added an arrow alongside the column this is currently sorted by to try and make this more apparent and will do more work to improve this in future:

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