Workspace Release Notes - September 30, 2015 Follow

What's New in Workspace

  • When on the Groups Page of a Workspace you can now click the class name and drag the entire class into a group. If a group has not yet been created when you do this, Workspace will automatically create a group when you do this.
  • When Groups are created automatically by Workspace the Group name will be the Class name, you can edit these group names.
  • We’ve made changes to the Google File picker so that you can access documents from your Google Drive organised by folder but can also now access documents that have been shared with you.  
  • You can now add icons to cards without first switching to edit mode. Simply click the icon area on any card, select an icon and colour from the list and then click away from the card to save.
  • Lists of learner documents on Evidence cards weren't useful because they showed “document name - learner/group name” leaving the learner/group name cut off due to space more often than not. A change has been made to show only the learner/group name.
  • We’ve updated the intro screen that shows to teachers when coming to Workspace to replace the ‘Intro to Workspace’ video with a video that shows how learners access Workspace and what they see.
  • The Published filter has been added back to the top of the Workspace home page - so the filters are now ‘Active’ which contains all Published and Unpublished Workspaces, ‘Published’ which contains only published Workspaces, ‘Unpublished’ which contains only Unpublished Workspaces, ‘Unassigned’ which contains all Workspaces that don’t yet have any classes or learners assigned (for example Workspaces that have been copied but not yet edited), ‘Archived’ which contains the Workspaces that are complete and have been archived and ‘All’, which predictably contains ALL your Workspaces.


Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Adding icons to cards was almost impossible when using Safari on an iPad, this is now fixed.
  • Timeout errors were being experienced if you left Workspace open when your computer was in ‘sleep’ mode and then returned to the page again later. This has been fixed.
  • A fix has been released for an elusive “Duplicate insert: this card ID already exists in the system” error. Fingers crossed.
  • Fixes a JavaScript issue being experienced by customers using Safari.
  • Fixes an issue where Group work could be submitted by one learner but if another learner also tried to submit the same work without having refreshed the page no message showed to say it had been submitted.
  • Fixed an issue where an icon would disappear from a card.
  • If multiple learners clicked on the same evidence document at the same time there was a chance duplicate documents could be created, we’ve now made a change to prevent this from happening.
  • We’ve removed the feedback area from the pages shown to learners - teachers are sending through feedback from learners whereas learners are mistaking the feedback area for a form that reaches their teacher. Lots of apologies for lost homework and missed deadlines were being received from learners! 
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