Workspace Release Notes - September 21, 2015 Follow

What's New in Workspace

  • Teachers can now copy Workspaces that they own or are a co-teacher on. The copy will include any cards and teacher-created attachments but no learner attachments and the groups and differentiation will remain intact although with no learners in the groups. This means you can now easily duplicate a Workspace to use with a different class or for a different semester. This can be done from the home page, or from within a Workspace:


  • Workspace now has a quick start feature. When creating a Workspace groups will automatically be created for each class assigned to that Workspace. If you would prefer to manually assign learners to groups select “I’ll create my own groups” from below the Classes list:

  • When a Workspace is renamed, the folder name in Google Drive will change to reflect the new name.
  • The “Active” filter now contains both Published and Unpublished Workspaces, an Unassigned filter has been added to house Workspaces with no classes added and the filter order is now Active / Unpublished / Unassigned / Archived / All

  • Previously if a data load was run and a new co-teacher added to a class, they would not see Workspaces for that class that had been created previously - only Workspaces created after the data load. Now, co-teachers will have access to all Workspaces for the classes they co-teach.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue where a card with a start date that had passed was not able to have the due date changed because of overzealous validation.
  • The diagnostics page that we use to troubleshoot issues with accessing Workspace was not sending the results to us when the “send results to Hapara” option was selected. This is now fixed.
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