Workspace Release Notes - June, 2015 Follow

What's New in Workspace

  • Groups functionality has been added to Workspace.
  • The much-anticipated differentiation feature is now available for testing. You will now see Master Board (as you have before) along with a board for each group you have created on the Groups page.
  • Choose whether documents you attach to evidence cards should be completed individually by each learner in that group (create one copy per learner) or should be shared documents to be collaborated on by the group (create one shared copy per group).
  • Teachers are now able to select multiple learners and drag them into groups - this will make assigning learners to groups much faster.
  • When attaching a document to an evidence card you now have the ability to choose whether a copy of the document should be created for each learner in a group or whether a single copy should be made for the group to collaborate on.
  • When you create a group, instead of having to click on “Save”, you are now able to click outside the box to save in the same way as you can with cards on the board.
  • The Groups page has been updated with instruction copy to make it easier for teachers using this functionality for the first time.
  • When an image is attached to a Goal, Resource or Rubric card then the image will show on the card. This will allow boards to be made much more visual. As an added bonus, animated gifs are supported.
  • Adding a Google Drive file to an evidence card as a link now recognises that it is a file and attaches the document to the card rather than a link to the document.

Bug Fixes & other changes

  • When deleting a document from a card it was not being removed until the page was refreshed, this has now been improved so documents are removed as soon as they are deleted and no refresh is necessary.
  • Some learners experienced an issue where the document they clicked on was not created and instead showed a 404-error. We’ve fixed the bug that caused this to occur, reset the problematic documents and informed the teachers of these learners so they can retry.
  • Fixed a bug where students weren’t able to add documents or links to evidence cards
  • An intermittent issue where creating the 1st card in any column gave an error has now been fixed.
  • On the groups page, if there were many learners in a class, teachers were unable to drag learners from the bottom of the class list into a group because of the page scrolling. This has now been fixed so that the class list scrolls independently to the rest of the page and you can now drag learners from the bottom of the page into groups.
  • When a learner creates a card and adds a document, the document now displays immediately rather than requiring the save button to be clicked.
  • When a learner attaches a file to a card they have created, the document title is updated to include the learner’s name as a suffix so that the teacher can identify who the document belongs to.
  • Clicking on submitted documents opened them in the same browser tab - taking you away from the Engage board. This has now been fixed so that documents open in a new tab.
  • Cards need to be assigned to at least one group, if all groups on a card are un-selected a message now shows saying at least one group must be selected.
  • We’ve fixed a bug where after naming a group and clicking save only the first letter of the group name was being saved.
  • When you click on Edit board, and then hover over "Delete", the tooltip now says "Delete this board" so that it's clearer that the whole board will be deleted rather than just the board description.
  • Validation has been added so that the due date on evidence cannot be set before the start date. This will be revised once we solve the issue of time travel.
  • When logging in as a new user for the first time, it was loading only the header and footer and you had to refresh the screen to get the rest of the page. This has been fixed so that first time users get to see all of Engage as they should.
  • An update has been made to ensure learners only see groups they are members of when a board is loaded.
  • The Groups link on a board now only shows once the board is created and you are able to add groups. Previously it was inactive - and therefore redundant.
  • When dragging learners from other classes into a group the learner names were not showing until after the page was refreshed. This has been fixed so that learner names show as they are added.
  • An intermittent issue where cancelling an edit on a card deleted that card from the board has now been fixed.
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