Release Notes - June 16, 2015 Follow


Improved caching of enrolment data

TD2 cached class enrolment data too aggressively, so it sometimes took a while for students to appear in a class after being added to the class. We clear caches much more quickly now, so enrolment changes take effect more quickly.

Bug Fixes

Showing new files in Smart Share’s file picker

Smart Share’s file picker did not show recently-created files in Google Drive until a user logged out of and back into TD2. Now, the file picker shows newly created as expected.

Opening anonymised Google Site URLs

For schools that chose to anonymise students’ Google Site URLs, TD2 could not open students’ sites. Instead, clicking the button open a site led to an invalid site. This has been resolved.

All Classes tab showing all classes in a district

If a school enables School Separation, then the All Classes tab should show a teacher all of the classes at the teacher’s school. Instead, the tab showed all classes across the district. This has been resolved.


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