Release Notes - June 2, 2015 Follow

Speed and Performance

Speeding up requests for students’ documents

For students with many folders, getting the students’ documents for the Dashboard tab took up to 4 seconds because we made many requests to Google’s system. We now get all of the data we need in two requests, speeding up the process considerably.

Reducing the number of requests for student data

TD2’s redundant queries to our system for student data are now combined. In addition, we have also started caching answers to those queries to reduce how many queries we make even more.

Reducing the frequency of requests for student data

TD2’s interface refreshed certain data more often than necessary, so we’ve reduced the frequency of such requests.

Speeding up particularly large classes

We’ve refined TD2’s interface to make small speed improvements for particularly large classes, like those with approximately 100 students.

 Handling errors on the Dashboard tab

If TD2 could not load a student’s files on the Dashboard tab, a spinner in the student’s panel kept spinning forever. Now, the panel quickly shows, “Failed to retrieve student docs.”

 Better progress tracking for Smart Share

For large batches of copies, Smart Share’s progress bar did not always update when files were copied successfully. This gave the impression that copies did not succeed, so we’ve resolved this issue.


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