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Basic steps

When migrating to a new domain, you will need to work with the Hāpara team to complete the follow steps. Steps marked with asterisks (*) can only be completed by our team.

  1. Archive the old domain's data.
  2. Transfer student data to the new domain.
  3. Enable the new domain in Hāpara's system.*
  4. Enable Google API access to your new domain.
  5. Install the Hāpara Teacher Dashboard app from the Google Apps marketplace.
  6. In the Hāpara Admin Console for your new domain, enter the new domain's access-granting super admin account in the Configuration > Google Apps Settings page.
  7. In the Hāpara Admin Console for your new domain, configure settings as desired.
  8. In the Hāpara Admin Console for your new domain, run the domain_setup script on the Scripting > Run a script page. To do so, type "domain_setup" in the Script Name field and then click Start script.
  9. If your school uses GADS, then set up GCDS exclusion rules.
  10. Load classes in the new domain.
  11. Load students in the new domain.
  12. In the Hāpara admin console for your old domain, go to the ConfigurationGoogle Apps Settings page, delete the account listed in the Access Grant field, and click Save.
  13. Contact our team to have your old domain deactivated in our system and removed from our records.

Most of these steps can be completed without assistance from our team. If you would like to go through the steps with someone, though, please contact our team.

Best practices

  • It is often easiest to migrate domains between school years rather than during a school year.
  • When migrating users' accounts to the new domain, be sure to migrate your school.apps.owner account, as that account owns all of the folders for the old domain.
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