Workspace Release Notes - July, 2015 Follow

What's New in Workspace

  • Co-teachers can now be added to Workspaces. In the left hand column under “Teachers” is an area to enter the email address of your co-teacher, type the teachers email address into this area and click the check to add a teacher to your Workspace.

  • The renaming of Engage to Workspace has now been reflected in folder names and across pages in Workspace. You should no longer see the internal product name Engage anywhere.
  • One of the most requested features has been added - you can now change the order of cards within columns by dragging and dropping cards into the position you’d prefer. Also when creating a new card it will appear at the top of the column so that recently added cards show first.
  • The Activity Summary page has two new panels, one showing all activity on evidence cards and the other showing all overdue evidence.
  • An Active boards filter has been added to the Workspace homepage and this will be the default view - this shows all of your published Workspaces.
  • The list of learner documents on cards has been minimised to economise space on the Workspace and now highlights how many documents have been started, submitted or returned. Clicking on this will expand the list of documents.
  • Hapara Workspace now has a new toolbar integrating the changes that were also released to Hapara Dashboard today. See details about the new, more compact toolbar here.
  • A new welcome message has been added as we go into Open Beta and more customers begin to use Hapara Workspace. This message contains an introduction video, a link to the User Guide and a quick create Workspace button. Feel free to dismiss this message if you are already familiar with Hapara Workspace.
  • The Hapara Workspace homepage has been made infinitely scrollable - this means that you no longer have to wait for Workspaces to load as you scroll.
  • A logout feature has been added to the toolbar learners see when they access Hapara Workspace (this will log learners out of their Google account). Already available for teachers, this improves security when accessing websites from shared devices.
  • Work has been done to allow Administrators to access Hapara Workspace. In its current state this requires Administrators to either add themselves to a class as a teacher, or add themselves to the td.users group. This will give read-only access to Workspace for the time being and we will improve access with feedback from Administrators over the coming weeks.

Bug Fixes & other changes

  • Long urls pasted into the title area of a card will now wrap instead of breaking the card layout.
  • When creating groups with long group names there was an issue with editing or deleting the group, this is now fixed.
  • If a learner was in more than one group and you clicked on one of their documents it was opening all of that learner’s documents instead of the one you selected. This has been fixed.
  • There was an error when returning assessed work to a learner in the Activity page that has been corrected.
  • An error was showing if you created a group for an empty board and quickly switched back to the board from the groups page, this is fixed.
  • Some learners working in groups were getting an error when trying to open the collaborative document in the evidence card, this is fixed.
  • In the Activity page, if learners were working on a collaborative document, when the document was submitted it was showing as having been submitted by the first learner to open the document rather than the learner who submitted it. This has been corrected.
  • The Activity page has been neatened up.
  • Due dates were showing in an American format for some Southern Hemisphere schools, these have been corrected.
  • Mail icons were not working for groups, this has been fixed and you can now email all learners in a group at once.
  • If a co-teacher is added and Teacher Dashboard does not know the teacher’s name, they are added to the board with their email address as an identifier. Note: you can still only add co-teachers from the same domain.
  • There was a bug preventing learners from deleting an attachment from a card they had created. This has been corrected.
  • We spoke too soon! The change we made to fix sending emails to groups of learners unfortunately only worked for some people and not others. Until we have this bug thoroughly squashed, the mail icons will be hidden.
  • The duplicate class name being shown under the description on a Workspaces has been removed.
  • A bug that allowed learners to attach multiple pieces of evidence to a single card, but then showed none of that evidence to the teacher has been fixed.
  • Hapara Workspace was showing unhelpful error messages. We’re ensuring these errors are tracked and our developers are working on them but are no longer showing the technical detail to unsuspecting teachers.
  • Learners were unable to delete evidence from a card after attaching it, this has now been fixed.
  • When a co-teacher added a document to a card and a learner clicked on that document, it was showing an error instead of opening the document. This has now been fixed.
  • Classes are now being displayed by name rather than class id.
  • When a due date is in the past, it now displays the date as “2d ago” to ensure it is clear the date has passed.
  • Some classes were showing no learner names in classes on the groups page, this has been fixed.
  • Improvements have been made to the login process.
  • Teachers who are also admins now have edit access to their own workspaces.
  • The diagnostics page was not allowing access for people who aren’t logged in, which was counterproductive. This has now been fixed.
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