Workspace Release Notes - May, 2015 Follow

What's New in Workspace

  • The page learners see when they log into was styled to fit with the Hapara look-and-feel.
  • The page teachers see when they log into was styled to fit with the Hapara look-and-feel
  • A nifty new feature that automatically adds a description and image to a card when a website link is added to a card is now available. This uses metadata from the website being linked to.
  • Teachers are now able to edit boards once they have been created.
  • A loading spinner has been added to show that something is happening when an action is taken that could result in a wait, example deleting boards or cards, adding or deleting attachments, and submitting or opening evidence.
  • Documents added to Goal, Resource and Rubric cards on a published board are now shared with learners in a read-only format.
  • When a learner clicks on a document in an Evidence card Engage creates a copy of that document in the learner's Google Drive and appends the learner's name to the document title.
  • Learners can now submit evidence for assessment. When a learner submits an Evidence card Engage transfers ownership of the documents to the teacher and changes the learner's permissions to read-comment.
  • A temporary workaround has been implemented to allow teachers to see learner’s work listed on the evidence card once started and submitted and also return this work to learners. This will be replaced with a complete activity summary over the coming weeks.
  • Teachers can change a board from published to archive - this changes the board from being editable to being read-only for both teachers and learners.
  • The activity summary on the Engage homepage is now wired up and will show you stats around current status of the board: how many learners have started work, how many pieces of evidence are overdue, how many cards have been submitted and how many have been returned.
  • Engage is now also available in French.
  • Unicode is now supported, this will allow special characters and accents used in Spanish to show when pasted in. It will also accept emoticons ;)
  • When a teacher returns evidence to a learner, a copy is retained in an Assessments folder within the Engage board folder for record-keeping. The original is returned to the student and the embargo lifted.

Bug Fixes & other changes

  • During initial Alpha we don’t have integration with Teacher Dashboard and the class id's coming from the header. To handle this we ask teachers to select a class when creating a board.
  • When a learner copy of a document is created Engage now prepends the learner name to the document title so that the teacher can see who the document belongs to.
  • Fixed an issue where only one evidence document was being returned instead of multiple on an evidence card with multiple attached documents.
  • The board description now saves if you click out of it while editing (in the same way cards do).
  • Fixed an error where learner’s adding a link to an evidence or resource card was not working.
  • Learners can now submit evidence cards that they have added themselves.
  • Fixed an error where duplicate document links were being created in evidence cards when added by a learner.
  • Fixed an issue where learner documents were added to both the board folder as well as the root folder of Google Drive.
  • Engage is unable to get teacher names for teachers on split domains so we’ve added the teacher email address to the header in this case for easy identification.
  • Corrected a start and end date issue where dates were appearing incorrectly.
  • Learner home pages were not showing a complete list of due dates, this has been fixed and all upcoming due dates are now showing for learners.
  • Engage was updated to better handle timeouts in terms of requests to Google. There is now a retry mechanism with exponential backoff.
  • Fixed a bug where learners were able to edit start and due dates on evidence cards.
  • Customers on split domains are now able to use Engage and documents can be copied, submitted and returned. We aren’t yet able to embargo documents on submission where the teacher and learner are on different domains.
  • We’ve improved error messaging so that they provide more detail on what has gone wrong as well as being placed appropriately.
  • Error messages should not occur when leaving Engage open for long periods without actively using it.
  • Customers with uppercase letters and special characters in their email addresses were having difficulty logging in; this has been resolved.
  • We’ve fixed an issue with scheduling start dates where when a teacher set the start date to “today” the card would only appear to students at midnight instead of appearing immediately.
  • Automated Google Drive notification emails are no longer being sent out when a student submits a document or when a teacher returns it. This was resulting in some teachers receiving hundreds of emails - we do apologise!
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