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About our User Experience Group

At Hapara, we aim to build the best educational tools possible.

To do so, we need the best advice possible from the teachers, learners, and administrators who use Hapara. They know best what works, and what doesn't.

If you'd like to help us help schools around the world, then we'd love you to join our User Testing Group.


What is user testing?

There are two types of user testing: One-on-one and Surveys.

One-on-one sessions are 45-minute sessions with a member of our team, during which you give us your thoughts on our current products and new features. We offer several of these sessions every week, and you can pick whichever time works best for you.

Surveys are questions about a particular part of our applications in an online form. We’ll email you these surveys periodically, and you can respond to them whenever you like.


What is needed?

A Google Hangouts or Skype connection for video calls, and your honest opinions.


What happens next?

You will get an email asking if you want to participate in a particular set of testing. Some will be surveys and some will one-on-one sessions. You can schedule a time when you want and you will be contacted shortly before to set up the video call. Participation is voluntary and you can opt out at any time.


That's it!

We look forward to learning from you!


If you're interested, sign up here!


- The Hapara User Experience team

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