Release Notes - May 4, 2015 Follow

What’s New

Easy access to students’ Google Sites
For classes set up to show student activity on a specific Google Site such as an ePortfolio, teachers can now open a student’s site via an icon at the top of the student’s panel.


Classes are alphabetically ordered
Classes are now ordered alphabetically in My Classes, Hidden Classes, All Classes. The sorting order obeys any class nicknames. The Smart Share window and the class dropdown (at top left of header) also orders the classes alphabetically.

Bug Fixes

Sites creation failures
The creation of new Sites was failing in some cases. This issue has now been resolved.


Smart Share text error: max of X
In the Smart Share window the text shows the user how many files they can choose. But the text was incomplete - missing the trailing "5". This has been resolved.


All Docs tab on Dashboard view
Some schools want to display All Docs as a student folder. This worked in TDC but was not working in TD2. This issue has been resolved.
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