Viewing Student Site Activity in Hapara Dashboard Follow

Note: Due to limited API access, Hapara cannot support new version Google Sites, but does support Classic Google Sites.

Hapara Dashboard can show recent activity in students' Google Sites, which are often used as e-portfolios or student project sites.

When added to class in Hapara Dashboard, student site activity will appear alongside a class's subject folders in a new dashboard tab.

Sites in Hapara Dashboard

Depending on how your Hapara Administrator has configured Sites for your class, the Sites dashboard may display:

  • Activity in new student sites that Hapara Dashboard automatically creates based on a template site.
  • Activity in any Google Site that a student can edit.
  • Activity in a single existing site with a URLs that match a prefix specified for your class.

Student Panels

Each student panel in the Sites dashboard view shows:

  • Page: Title of the page or post activity, and whether existing content has been edited, or a new page or post created.
  • Modified by: The activity's author. Names will only be shown when someone other than the student makes the activity.
  • Date: When the activity occurred.


Setting Up Student Sites

To learn more about how Google Sites can be used in your class, how to set up a template site for your students, or how to set up sites in Hapara Dashboard, please see Setting Up Student Sites in Hapara Dashboard.

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