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Manual load overview

The most commonly used data loading method, particularly for smaller schools, is a manual load. This article details the process for setting up spreadsheets for manual loads. View other loading options here.

The Manual Configuration page provides template class and student files for you to populate. These templates are built to exactly match the settings specified in the Manual Configuration page, making the templates easier to populate.

How to manually load your data

To manually load your data, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to the Hāpara Admin Console.
  2. Navigate to the Data Loader menu option.
  3. Select the Manual Configuration link.
  4. Use the Data Loader Manual Configuration page to select how you will use several Hāpara features.
  5. Using the template class and student files (either Google Sheets or CSVs) provided on the Manual Configuration page, populate the templates with your class and student data.
  6. If you are using Google Sheets, share your spreadsheets with the Institutional Content Owner user (named school.apps.owner for most schools).
  7. Use the Data Loader Manual Load page to start the load of your class file (Google Sheet or CSV) into Hāpara.
  8. Loading large files can take a while to complete. Use the Data Loader Status page to monitor the progress of your load or to view the results of historic loads. You can also track any errors that may result from your data load. Also refer to the Data Loader Status page guide.
  9. When the class load is finished, use the Data Loader Manual Load page to start the load of your students file (Google Sheet or CSV) into Hāpara.

For additional tips on how to create your student and class spreadsheets view:

At the start of the school year, you will want the class and student files to contain all of your classes and students. During the school year, you may want to incrementally add classes, change teachers, or update class rosters.

Note: Whenever you load an existing student, you must include each of that student's classes in your spreadsheet. If you only include one class for a student, they will be removed from every other class in Hāpara.

The article Making changes to classes and students explains additional steps for this process.


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