Release Notes - February 24, 2015 Follow

What’s new in Teacher Dashboard 2:

  • Teachers are now able to color their classes so the classes can be easily differentiated.
  • A "Blogger" tab that displays student blogging activity is now available.
    • Note: Blogger is not enabled by default. Each school must choose to enable it. The school Hapara administrator can do this via the td-admin tool.
  • How many items the teacher asked to display in each dashboard tab is now remembered. Next time the same dashboard tab is opened for the same class, the number of items displayed will default to the teacher's last selection.
    • Note: Each class plus dashboard tab combination has its own setting (each of which is now individually remembered). Changing the number of items displayed in one class will not affect other classes. Changing the number of items displayed in one tab will not affect other tabs
  • Teachers can now add & remove existing students via the Class Info page.
    • Note: The teacher specifies the student to add using either their Google user name or their ID#. Each school decides which identifier is used, and can elect to disable this feature for their teachers.
    • Note: It can take up to 24 hours before the student changes impact the TD2 tabs.
  • The top right drop down menu now contains a logout button.

Other changes and bug fixes:

  • The Class Info tooltips on the Class list are now visible again
  • Clicking the 'hide' button from the My Classes page did not always hide the class. This TD2 issue has been fixed
  • TD2 now obeys the "Force reset on login" checkbox available on the Class Info page, and used when resetting a student's password.
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