Release Notes - March 31, 2015 Follow

What’s New

Individual Learning Plans (a.k.a. Student Notes and Teacher Notes)
Individual Learning Plans are files that let teachers share notes about students. There is one per student, and only a student’s teachers can open it. ILPs can now be accessed in TD2 via the ILP button in each student panel’s toolbar.

Bug Fixes

TD2 access for schools with multiple teacher domains
For schools with students in one domain and teachers in multiple separate domains, teachers couldn’t access TD2. Our security measures now handle that case properly, so teachers at such schools can access TD2 now.


Teacher Dashboard Classic Retired
Now that Teacher Dashboard 2 has replaced Teacher Dashboard Classic, users visiting TDC will be redirected to TD2 automatically, and we’ve removed the links to TDC from TD2 and TD Admin. You can also access TD2 simply by visiting

To learn more about the full rollout of TD2, click here.


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