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Blogs can have many uses in the classroom. Teachers can use them to give students an authentic audience, to create a running portfolio of student work, or to provide all students - even the quiet ones - with a forum for participating in class discussions and responding to ideas. Blogs can be used either formally for a grade or informally to allow students a place to reflect. They are a great tool both for teachers to provide feedback via the comments section and also for teachers to encourage and monitor peer feedback by asking students to comment on each other’s blogs.

Teachers can use Hapara Dashboard to view students' blog posts in a manageable way and monitor comments from Google’s blogging platform, Blogger. Dashboard shows students’ blog activity in different ways based on how your Hapara Admin Console configures it. What you see may differ based on how blogs have been set up for students.

Depending on how your class’ blogs are configured, Dashboard will display student blog activity in one or more of the following ways:

  1. activity from any blog a student can edit
  2. activity from one specific blog
  3. posts from any blog a student can edit that contain a specific label
  4. posts from a single blog that contains a specific label

Posts and Comments

When blogs are added to a class in Dashboard, student blog activity is displayed in two separate Dashboard tabs: Posts and Comments.


The Posts tab

The Posts tab shows students' blog posts. Student tiles in this tab display:

  • Post: The post's name. You can view the blog post by hovering over each post name, and you can open the specific blog post in a new tab by clicking the name.
  • Author: The name of the post's author.
  • Updated: The amount of time since the post was updated.
  • Drafts: Unpublished posts are shown in grey text with a green dot next to them.


The Comments tab

The Comments tab shows any activity from anyone who comments on blog posts that appear in the Posts tab. Student tiles in the Comments tab will show:

  • Title: The beginning of a comment. Hover over the title to see full comments, and click on the title to open the comments directly in the blog.
  • Reply-To: The name of the post the comment is in response to. Click on this title to open the blog in a new tab.
  • Author: The author of the comment.
  • Updated: The amount of time since the comment was made.



Setting up student blogs

To learn more about setting up Blogs for your class, and how to display Blogs in Dashboard please this support article: Set up Google blogs to display in Hapara Dashboard.

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