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Smart Share offers an easy way to share and copy documents to students from Hapara Dashboard.

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How to share files to learners

To start, click the Share files button, in the top right of any Hapara Dashboard class:


1. Select files to share or copy

  1. a) To share or copy an existing file:

To select an existing file from your Google Drive, click Select Files with the Drive icon. This will open Drive's file picker. If you have trouble finding a document via the picker, you may find it useful to try Google's advanced search tips, described in this article.


  1. b) Creating a new file to share or copy:

To make a new file to share or copy, click the icon for the type of file you want to create. The options are Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Drawings.


2. Choosing a title

  1. a) Choosing a title for existing files:

If you select an existing file from your Drive, its title will automatically be placed in the Filename field. Changing this will change the title for the copies your students receive, but doing so will not rename your original copy of the file.

  1. a) Choosing a title for new files:

When making a new file, type a name into the Filename field to replace the default name of "New document."


Personalize copied files with each student's name:

If you are making copies, you can personalize their titles by adding students' names. To do so, simply check the box under Append name.


3. Selecting a sharing type

Using the drop-down menu in the Permissions column, choose how you would like to copy or share each file. There are four options:


Copy: A separate copy of the file is made for each student, and students own these copies.

Share read-writeA single file is shared with all of the chosen students. Students can edit the file, and changes are visible to other students.

Share read-only: A single file is shared with all of the chosen students. Students can view and copy the file, but they cannot edit the file.

Share read-comment: A single file is shared with all of the chosen students. Students can view, copy, and add comments to the file, but they cannot edit the file.

Note: Hapara Dashboard shows files that students own or can edit by default. Depending on your school's Hapara configuration, read-only or read-comment files may not be shown in your Dashboard.  

4. Selecting a destination for your Smart Shared files

There are three ways to specify which students will receive a file and where the file will be placed: by class, by student, and by group.

  • By class - Files will be placed in the chosen subject folders for each student in the chosen class.
  • By student Files will be placed in the chosen subject folders. Each selected student will receive the copied or shared files in the chosen subject folder.
  • By group Files will be placed in the chosen subject folders for each student in the chosen color groups.

5. Handling existing student documents

If a student already has a file with the same name as the file you're sharing, Smart Share can either replace the existing file or stop the copy process for that student and leave the existing file alone.

Replacing the file is useful when a teacher has copied a file in error. To do so, simply check the box at the bottom of the Smart Share settings.

In order to successfully replace an existing file a few conditions must be met:

  1. The original file and the new file must have the exact same title
  2. The original file and the new file both need to be shared with permissions set to Copy (share read-only, share read-write and share read-comment files cannot be replaced). 
  3. Both the original file and the new file need to be shared to the same folder.

For more about deleting student files after they have been copied, please jump to How to undo Smart Share.

6. Let the sharing begin!

After reviewing your settings, start the Smart Share by clicking "OK". The length of time required for a Smart Share will vary based on the numbers of files and students selected. 

Checking the status of a Smart Share job

While your sharing job is processing, the up arrow in the button for your shared files job list will be animated. 

To check on the status of a share files job, open the share files job list, to the right of the Share files button.


Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_2.50.39_PM.png A spinning circle indicates a job is in process

Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_2.50.57_PM.png A green circle with a white checkmark indicates a job has completed successfully

Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_2.51.11_PM.png A circle with a white background and a green checkmark indicates a job has completed with errors.

Click Details to review which files were sent in a job and to review any errors.

Smart Share errors

If you see a circle with a white background and green checkmark (Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_2.53.32_PM.png) next to a Smart Share job, that means an error occurred while sharing. One or some of your students may not have received a file.

When this happens, click the Details button for that job. You will be able to see which files had errors and for which students they occurred. 

Some error messages you may see include:

  • file was not shared with students.
  • file was not shared due to file owner's permission settings.
  • shared drive files cannot be shared with students, only copied.
  • file sharing cannot be confirmed, please check status with student.

When you see the error "file was not shared with students" you can:

  • wait a few minutes and try sharing again.
  • reset your class folders on the Class Info page and then try the share job again.

If you continue to experience issues with sharing files, report the error to our Support team directly from the details window by clicking Report errors



How to undo Smart Share

If you accidentally share a file to students that you didn't intend to, you have the option to undo a share files job. 

The ability to undo a Smart Share is available for five minutes after the job has completed. If you need to undo a share after that point, see the section on deleting Smart Shared docs.

To access a Smart Share job, open the drop-down menu next to the Share files button. 


Recently shared files will have an Unshare button next to them. When you click this button, you will be asked to confirm that you want to unshare all of the files in that job (you cannot unshare individual files if you shared multiple files in the same job). 


When files have been successfully unshared, you will see a gray circle with a white checkmark next to the share job.  


If there was an error with unsharing the files, you will see this message:



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