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New to Hapara Dashboard? Welcome to Hapara Dashboard and our expanding Knowledge Base!

If this is your first time setting up or using Hapara Dashboard, then this introduction will walk you through all you'll need to get started as a new Hapara Dashboard Administrator.

New to Hapara Dashboard and Google Apps for Education?

Hapara Dashboard helps schools and teachers use Google Apps in the classroom by providing structure, visibility, and ease of use across the entire Google Apps suite.

If you are a domain Super Administrator who is new to Google Apps for Education, then becoming familiar with your new Google Apps environment is a great place to start! It's also key to ensuring that you make the most of your transition to Google Apps by using Hapara Dashboard.

Before setting up Hapara Dashboard, you may want to read Google's Support materials to familiarize yourself with Google Apps, your domain, and your Google Apps admin console. You can find such materials in the Google Apps Help Center.

How does Hapara Dashboard work?

Hapara Dashboard uses Google Apps to create a structure of classes containing teachers and students. Classes, teachers, and students are loaded into Hapara Dashboard from the Admin Interface – once loaded, teachers can view their classes and students within their individual Dashboard views.

When students are added to classes, Hapara Dashboard automatically creates content for them in Google Apps based on their classes' customization, such as a folder structure in Google Drive, Calendar, Sites, Blogs, and more.

Hapara Dashboard classes give teachers in-depth visibility into their students' activity, as well as a number of tools to help teachers perform tasks and manage their class and student work in Google Apps.

Setting up Hapara Dashboard. Ready to get started?

When you are ready, please see the following articles which will walk you through how to customize and create your own Hapara Dashboard environment:

  1. About Hapara Dashboard Classes and Students
  2. Setting Up Classes and Students Spreadsheets
  3. How to Load Class and Student Data
  4. Data Loader Status page guide

Other Important Links

Hapara Dashboard:

Hapara Highlights:

Hapara Workspace:

Hapara Analytics

  • Hapara Analytics Site: If you require access, please contact your Hapara Account Manager.
    This is a direct link for Administrators or Curriculum Leaders to access Hapara Analytics.

Admin Links: 

  • Your Hapara Admin Console:
    This is your Hapara Admin console, where you will upload classes and students, as well as make changes to configuration settings.

  • Your Google Apps Admin Console:
    The admin console for Google Apps For Education (G Suite for Education) domain(s). Here you can add and manage users, and make any changes to your G-Suite configuration.
    - See the G Suite Administrator Help Center for more.
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