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Welcome to the Hāpara knowledge base, where we have (hopefully) captured answers to all of your Hāpara questions, plus some additional information, too! 

If this is your first time setting up Hāpara, you’ll find everything you need to know as the Hāpara Administrator here. 

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What is Hāpara?

The Hāpara instructional suite consists of five modules that work together to help you manage teaching and learning with Google Suite for Education. 

Hāpara Teacher Dashboard allows teachers to easily view all learner work from one central hub (even when it wasn’t shared with them), organize learners into differentiated groups and quickly share out documents and resources.

With Hāpara Highlights, teachers can view learner browsing activity, guide learners to or from specific sites, and help learners become better digital citizens by providing personalized, private feedback.

Hāpara Workspace provides teachers with a space to build assignments and projects that can easily be differentiated for groups or individuals. It gives learners an easy, intuitive interface to manage their assignments, customize their submissions and participate in learning and teaching.

Hāpara Analytics gives school leaders insight into how technology is being used in the classroom so they can use data to guide school improvement plans, measure return on investment and instruction, target professional development and inform further technology purchases.

Hāpara Student Dashboard gives learners access to Google Classroom, Google Drive and Hāpara Workspace in one, convenient, mobile-friendly location. Student Dashboard helps learners build the organization and management skills that they need to be successful in a connected world.

Important links

For administrators

Your Hāpara Admin Console:
This is your Hāpara Admin console, where you will upload classes and students, as well as make changes to configuration settings.

Your Google Admin Console:
Setting up Hāpara may require adjusting settings in the Google Admin Console. Here you can add and manage users, and make any necessary changes to your G Suite configuration.
See the G Suite Administrator Help Center for more.

Hāpara Analytics: If you require access, please contact your Hāpara Account Manager.
This is a direct link for Administrators or Curriculum Leaders to access Hāpara Analytics.

For teachers

The Hāpara Instructional Suite: 

Teachers can access all of the instructional modules from this link.

For direct access to Hāpara Workspace they can use:

For students

The Hāpara Student Dashboard: 

Learners can use the Student Dashboard as a hub to access all of their work from Workspace, Drive, Google Classroom and Gmail. 

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