Resolving login and access problems Follow

If your school is at the end of it's academic year, your courses may be archived. Check in with your Hapara Administrator to confirm.

Authorization or login issues most commonly stem from confusion with Google's account management and login system, but can also be the result of local browser cache corruption.

If you cannot login to Hapara or cannot access your classes, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Clear any other Google Accounts from the Login page:
    1. Log out of all Google Apps accounts.
    2. Remove all accounts from Google's account management page.
    3. Log back in to your school account and re-access Teacher Dashboard.

If logging out of all Google Accounts resolves the issue, we recommend setting up Chrome User Profiles. This allows you to login to multiple Google accounts, but there is much less chance of these accounts clashing

If clearing your local Chrome browser Cache and Cookies resolves the issue, the problem was most likely related to corrupt or incorrectly stored cache data. You can configure Chrome to clear cookies and site data when quit your browser. There is more information about browser cookies and stored site data here

If you still cannot gain access after completing the above troubleshooting steps, please submit a support request.

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