Making Changes to Hapara via Manual Load Method Follow

Administrators can change classes and students in Hapara Dashboard at any point by updating Classes and Students spreadsheets, and reloading the updated spreadsheets via the Hapara Admin Console

How it works

When the Data Loader identifies a change in your spreadsheet load, Hapara Dashboard will reset the class or student property and replace it with the values included in your new data. When the data load process is complete, Hapara Dashboard will match the state of your most recently loaded spreadsheet.

If existing spreadsheets are changed, the Data Loader will only run processes where needed. It will not make changes to the rest of your classes and students.

To ensure that learners are not accidentally removed from classes, we recommend that your Students spreadsheet contains all enrollment data for all of your learners.


Making changes to Classes

After updating your spreadsheet, remember to return to the Data Loader > Status page in your Hapara Admin Console to reload your spreadsheet.

Adding classes

To create a new class, add a new row of data to a new or existing Classes spreadsheet. Be sure to include all of the mandatory class columns, and ensure that the name and mailbox values for your classes are unique.

Deleting classes

To delete classes, please submit a request with our team. We'll remove the classes for you.

Changing a class name

To change a class name, update its Name value in your classes spreadsheet and then reload the spreadsheet. Remember that class names must be unique and must end with your current academic year suffix.

Adding and removing subject folders

To add a subject folder, add the new folder's name to the Subject Folders column for the class, separating it from existing folder names with a comma.

To remove a subject folder, remove its name from the class' spreadsheet row. When a subject folder is removed from Hapara Dashboard, it will be untouched in Google Drive for learners and teachers. You can add a folder back to a class simply by adding its name back to your classes spreadsheet in a subsequent load.

Changing the name of a subject folder

Changing a subject folder's name can be complex, so we recommend avoiding it if possible. However, if you do must change the name of a subject folder, we can help. Please contact us by submitting a request with our team.

Adding and removing teachers

Add or remove teachers by adding or removing their usernames from the Teacher column for a class. Keep multiple user IDs within the same cell, and separate by a comma.

Important: If your teachers and students are in different domains, then you will need to use the teachers' full email addresses in this column. e.g. ''

Mailbox IDs

Mailbox IDs (class email addresses) cannot be changed once a class is made. Changing the mailbox field in your classes spreadsheet will create a new class or make the data load fail.

Adding class preferences like Google Sites and Blogs.

Please see the following sections on configuring these preferences for your classes:


Making changes to Students

IMPORTANT: Each time a student's username is included in your Students spreadsheet, Hapara Dashboard will be updated to match the data listed in the spreadsheet.

Students whose usernames are excluded from a Student spreadsheet load will not be processed at all, and will remain unaffected in Hapara Dashboard.

To ensure that students are not removed from classes, we recommend that your Students spreadsheet contains all enrollment data for all of your students.

This can be achieved by using a master spreadsheet to keep track of all changes to student enrollment data, or by using a new or separate spreadsheet that only includes specific students, when changes are needed.

After updating your spreadsheet, return to the Data Loader > Status page in your Hapara Admin Console to reload your spreadsheet.

Adding students

New students can be added to Hapara Dashboard by adding their data to your existing Students spreadsheet, or to a new spreadsheet.

To add a student to a class, add the new class to their entry in your Students spreadsheet alongside their existing classes. Multiple class codes in your Students spreadsheet can be formatted using separate class or class code columns, or can be included in the same cell, separated by a comma.

Removing students

To remove a student from a class, remove the class from their entry in your Students spreadsheet.

To remove a student from all classes, leave their username in your Students spreadsheet, but remove all class codes alongside their name.

Changing classes

To move a student between classes, replace their class with their new class in your Students spreadsheet.

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