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When a class is loaded to Hapara by the Hapara Data Loader, sets of folders are created in Google Drive. New folders will be created automatically as needed when students, teachers, or subjects are added to a class. By default, Hapara Dashboard does not delete drive content, so folders remain in Google Drive when students or subject folders are removed from a class.

Note: Manually created classes and Google Classroom Synced classes do not have Hapara folders created for them. An easy rule of thumb is if an Administrator loads a class via the Data Loader, folders are created. If a teacher adds a class within Hapara Dashboard itself, then there will not be any folders created.

Folder permissions and inheritance in Google Drive

Hapara Dashboard folders are owned by your domain's Institutional Content Owner (school.apps.owner), and are shared with teachers and students as editors in Google Drive.

Folder permissions are inherited in Google Drive. As a result, when students or teachers put content inside a Hapara Dashboard folder, the content is automatically shared with anyone who can view or edit the folder.

More about folder inheritance in Google Drive


The Hapara Class Folder Structure:

  1. Class Root Folder
  2. Subject Root Folder
  3. Student Subject Folders


Class Root Folder

The class root folder is the parent folder of all work for a class in Google Drive. Teachers of a class receive edit access to these folders when they are added to a class. Students cannot view or access class root folders.

When created, class root folders appear in a teacher's Shared with Me section in Google Drive, but teachers can move class folders into their My Drive sections.


Subject Root Folders

Subject Root folders are created inside the Class Root folder when the class is made and when subject folders are added to the class. These folders are only visible to class teachers, who receive edit access as the permissions are inherited from the Class Root folder.

Individual Student Subject folders are created inside Subject Root folders when a students are added to a class.

Because teachers inherit edit permissions to these folders from the class folder, teachers SHOULD NOT remove subject root folders from their class root folders. Doing so will break the relationship between the folders, revoking a teacher's permissions.

Student Subject Folders

Student subject folders are the individual student folders created in each subject root folder when students are added to a class. Both students and teachers have edit permissions to these folders: Students receive edit rights to their own student subject folders, and teachers' permissions are inherited from the parent subject root folder.

New student subject folders are only created when they do not already exist in a student's Drive. If a Hapara Dashboard folder with the same name already exists in a student's Drive, Hapara Dashboard will use the existing folder.

This naming convention lets student subject folders be used across multiple classes.


  • If a student is enrolled in two classes that both contain the subject root folder English, a single student subject folder is created, shared and shown in both classes.
  • If a student is moved between classes that both contain a Social Studies subject root folder, the existing student subject folder Social Studies will move with the student to the new class.
  • If a subject root folder is removed from a class and re-added again at a later date, the original student subject folders will be returned to the class dashboard.

For more about naming folders in Hapara Dashboard please see More about folder names and naming strategies.


Student Subject folders

Student Subject folders are created at the root level of a student's My Drive. They appear when a student first logs into Google Drive.

A student's view of Hapara Dashboard folders in Google Drive:


Subfolders in Student Subject Folders

Hapara Dashboard shows all work in a student subject folder that a student has edit access to, including work in subfolders, however, the subfolders structure does not display on Dashboard.

Students or teachers can create subfolders within their Subject folders. Documents in these subfolders will appear on Teacher Dashboard under whichever Subject folder the subfolder is created in.

In the example below, Marigold has created 3x subfolders in her Math folder: Quizzes, Homework, Projects. Any documents saved in these folders will display in her 'Math' Subject folder on Hapara Dashboard:


NOTE: Each sub-folder added to a student subject folder increases the processes required to display student work in Hapara Dashboard. If folders contain a large number of sub-folders, this can cause a delay in a student's work loading in Hapara Dashboard.

We recommend that students keep subfolders in Hapara Dashboard folders to a maximum of two levels deep. IE: Student subject folder > subfolder_1 > subfolder_2


Students missing Folders from their Google Drive

Student subject folders that have been removed by a student are easily recoverable in Hapara Dashboard.

In Google Drive, only a folder's owner can delete the folder. Because all of Hapara Dashboard's folders are owned by your school's Institutional Content Owner (school.apps.owner), when a student deletes one of their student subject folders it will be removed from visibility in their Google Drive, but remains visibile from the teacher drive view, and remains in the Institutional Content Owner Drive.

Hapara Dashboard folders that have been deleted by students can be returned to a student's My Drive using the Reset class folders link on the Class Info page.

This Reset class folders process should also rename folders to the originally configured name if the student or another user with Write access has renamed any folder.

If folders are still missing or do not seem correct, please submit a support request.

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