Release Notes — Feb 20, 2014 Follow

What's New

  • New user interface for CSV uploads
    • You can now load both classes and students with a CSV file, both manually or with a cURL script. The Data Loader within TD Admin has been updated to reflect this change. You can find this menu under Data Loader => Load Data via CSV File.
  • Email report for data loads
    • When you kick off a data load, you will now receive an email when the load has completed, including a summary of the successful and failed processes.
  • Parent Portal allows Date of Birth entry
    • Previously, parents had to log in to Parent Portal using a student ID (UID or NID). Now, you can include a column named "DOB" in the TD Students spreadsheet, and choose to have parents use this DOB value to log in to Parent Portal.

Other changes and bug fixes

  • The "Remote Control enabled class groups" setting now fits more text, as well as handles unexpected text more cleanly.
  • Fixed a bug where invalid class email errors displayed incorrect on the load details view.
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