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Fatal errors

Error when validating School Apps Owner account

School apps user is missing


Cause: A school.apps.owner account is not available for use
Effect: The load has aborted, no further rows are processed
Solution: Please submit a request to our support team. We recommend logging this as critical, so we can assess and respond as soon as possible.

Unable to load rows of worksheet. Entire load terminated.

Cause: A temporary issue with the Google Drive API caused the Data Loader to be unable to read the spreadsheet.
Effect: No changes made to Hāpara.
Solution: Wait a few minutes and then reload the spreadsheet. If the error continues to appear, please submit a support request.

The following column headers are not allowed [Gmail Viewer, School Id, Student Folders, Student Sites, Student Blogs]. Please check your Data Loader Manual Configuration.

Cause: The Google Sheet or CSV, being imported via Manual Load, includes columns that will be ignored because of your configuration:

  • If the Gmail module is not enabled, then the Gmail Viewer column can't be loaded.
  • If School Separation is not enabled, then the School Id column can't be loaded.
  • If in Manual Configuration the Student Folders are not enabled or don't require a spreadsheet column, then the Student Folders column can't be loaded.
  • If in Manual Configuration the Student Sites are not enabled or don't require a spreadsheet column, then the Student Sites column can't be loaded.
  • If in Manual Configuration the Student Blogs are not enabled or don't require a spreadsheet column, then the Student Blogs column can't be loaded.

Effect: No changes made to Hāpara.

Solution: Remove the specified column(s) or change your configuration to use the specified column(s) 

Found a blank line in the spreadsheet. Not processing anything after the blank line

Cause: The data loader stops at blank rows in the spreadsheet.
Effect: Nothing after the blank row is processed.
SolutionDelete the blank row and reload the spreadsheet.

Class load errors

Cannot process class record: invalid characters in group_email address

Cause: At least one mailbox value in the classes spreadsheet has an invalid character, such as a space, slash, or apostrophe. The mailbox values correspond to group email addresses, so they must follow the same rules as normal Gmail addresses.
Effect: The class is not loaded.
Solution: Remove the invalid characters from the mailbox(es) and reload. 

Teacher account [teacher email] is suspended, so this class was not loaded.

Cause: The Google account for the user listed in the teacher column of the classes spreadsheet is suspended.
Effect: The class in which the teacher was listed was not loaded.
Solution: Un-suspend the teacher, then reload.

Teacher account [teacher email] is not a valid Google Apps account, so this class was not loaded.

Cause: The email listed in the teacher column of the classes spreadsheet is not a valid Google account. This may be because the username is misspelled or contains an invalid character, or because teacher accounts reside in a different domain, but the domain was not specified (e.g. if the student emails are but the teachers are
Effect: The class in question was not loaded.
Solution: Change the value in the teacher column so that the username represents a valid existing Google Apps account. If the teachers are in a different domain than the students, add @[teacher domain] to the end of the teacher usernames.

Duplicate class name, not loading...Unable to continue, duplicate names detected.

Cause: There are multiple rows in the classes spreadsheet with the same class name.
Effect: No classes in the spreadsheet will load.
Solution: Make all class names in the classes spreadsheet unique. This often involves adding the section number, section ID, period number, or teacher name to the class.

Cannot process class record: Multiple rows with different names found for mailbox...

Cause: In the classes spreadsheet, the same mailbox value appears on multiple rows with different names.
Effect: The class is not loaded.
Solution: Change the mailbox values so that they, and the class names, are unique. This is commonly done by adding the section number of the class to the mailbox.

Class cannot be assigned to school outside current load context

Cause: In the classes spreadsheet, the 'School ID' value does not match any of the school codes entered on the School Configuration page.
Effect: The class is not loaded.
Solution: Change either the 'School ID' in the classes spreadsheet to match that of the 'School Code' on the School Configuration page; OR add any missing schools to the School Configuration page, and save changes, before reloading the classes spreadsheet.

If you need to edit any information on the School Configuration page, please submit a request to our support team. 

Student load errors

Class group email is invalid

Cause: The value in the class code column (plus the year suffix) or the class column does not match any existing class mailbox values, usually for one of the following reasons:

  1. The students spreadsheet was loaded before the classes spreadsheet.
  2. The value(s) from the class code or class columns in the students spreadsheet does not match any mailbox values from the classes spreadsheet.
  3. The values in the class code column in the students spreadsheet are appended with the year suffix.

Effect: Students will not be added to the class in question.
Solution: Corresponding to the three causes above:

  1. First load the classes spreadsheet, then load the students spreadsheet.
  2. Adjust the classes spreadsheet so that there are mailbox values corresponding to the classes listed in these errors, then load classes, then students.
  3. Either change the column header in the students spreadsheet from "Class Code" to "Class", or keep it as "Class Code", but remove the year suffix from the class code values.

Student account not found, to create new account provide last name, first name

Cause: The value found in the email column in the students spreadsheet is not an existing Google Apps account, and no name was provided so that a new account can be created.
Effect: The student was not loaded into any classes.
SolutionEither create a Google Apps account in the student domain with the email specified in the email column, or add a First Name and Last Name column to the students spreadsheet, and provide the corresponding values for the student so that a new account can be automatically created.

Skipping student: error while checking if this email address belongs to a teacher

Cause: When the Data Loader tries to check whether the student is in the td.users or td.admins group, it cannot find the group.
Effect: The student was not loaded into any classes.
SolutionGo to Configuration > Group Defaults. Make sure that there is a value entered for the td.users and td.admins groups, and that those groups exist in Google Apps. If they do not exist, go to Scripting > Run a Script, enter "domain_setup" under Script Name, and click "Start script".


Zero new or changed students loaded in student file.


Cause: No changes were made as a result of the student load.
Effect: No changes made to Hāpara
Solution: First, check in the student CSV or spreadsheet file that there are no blank rows in the middle of the sheet, and that the column headers are correct.

Once the student spreadsheet is verified correct, you can run a manual load with 'Reprocess every student/class' checked to force the data loader to recognize changes.

By default, Hāpara will only update student records which it detects have changed from the previous load. If you select the option 'Reprocess every student/class', then Hāpara will update all records found in the file, regardless of whether they are the same or different from the previous load.

CSV load or SIS integration errors

Skipping school [School Name (Code)] which is not configured in Hāpara.

Cause: The code for this school does not match any of the schools listed on the Hāpara Admin Console > Configuration > School Configuration page.
Effect: No changes made to Hāpara

Solution: If you want to load classes associated with this school, add this code value to the list in the Hapara Admin Console > Configuration > School Configuration page.


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