Assigning students to groups on Dashboard and Highlights Follow


Assigning students to groups

You can assign students on Hapara Dashboard to groups. Typically, teachers would assign students to groups according to things such as ability levels or project groups. To assign students to groups, you would click on the group indicator icon (it appears as a little box) next to the student name, and select one of the nine colors available, which represent nine groups that you can assign students to.


NOTE: You must click the x in the top right to close out of the Groups window and save your changes.
Once the student is assigned to a group, the group indicator icon will show which group the student belongs to.
Note that student group assignments are stored on a per-subject basis.  This means even within the same class, if the class has multiple subject folders created, you can assign students to different groups for different subjects.

Hiding/showing student groups and group indicators

With students assigned to groups, you can hide and show students based on the groups that they are assigned to by using the Class Group Settings Dialog, accessible near the top right corner of the dashboard:
The Class Group Settings dialog allows you to do the following:
  • There are switches allowing you to hide and show the panels of students belonging to specific student groups.  
  • There are also links for hiding and showing all groups.
  • At the top of the Class Group Settings dialog, there is also a switch for hiding the class group indicators on the dashboard. This can be useful if you are showing Hapara Dashboard in class on the projector screen, and you do not wish the students to know which group they belong to (e.g. if the groups are assigned according to the student's ability levels).


New Assigning students to groups (Only in available in the Southern Hemisphere)

Student groups created in either of our Product Suite's is now going to be available within the entire product suite. Groups created for a class are now available to all teachers and co-teachers within a class.



We've also updated the colors that can be used.


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