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How to enable the Gmail Viewer

Hāpara Dashboard's Gmail Viewer lets teachers easily monitor students' Gmail activity.

By default, the Gmail Viewer feature is disabled. Administrators can enable this feature via Modules > Gmail Viewer in the Hāpara Admin Console.

How to specify Gmail Viewer access restrictions

When enabled, the Gmail Viewer is accessible for all classes loaded to Hāpara Dashboard.

If you load classes via the sync method, you can only specify restrictions to 'admins and teachers who can view the class', or just 'The teacher(s) of the class'. This change can be specified in the Student Gmails section of the Sync Configuration page.

If you load classes via the Manual Load method, you can restrict visibility to the Gmail Viewer on a class-by-class basis, or by a specific Google group. This can be configured from the Manual Configuration page. 

If you select the option 'The teacher(s) in the Google Group(s) named in the Class spreadsheet column titled 'Gmail Viewers', a column must be added to the Classes spreadsheet. This enables class by class restriction, and is explained in detail below.

Restricting Gmail Viewer access class by class

To restrict access to the Gmail Viewer class by class, or by a specific Google group:

  1. First save the following change in the Student Gmails section of the Manual Configuration page:

  2. Add a new column with the header Gmail Viewers to your classes spreadsheet and populate each row with one of these options:
    Who can see Gmail Viewer? Spreadsheet value Notes
    Domain Administrators only ##None## This restricts visibilty of Gmail Viewer to Domain Administrators only
    Members of specific Google Group(s) only <Google group mailbox> This restricts visibilty to the members of the specified Google Group Mailbox. You can add multiple Google Groups separated with a comma.
    No restriction Leave the row blank This means anyone (teacher or admin) who can view the class in Hapara Dashboard, can see Gmail Viewer 
  3. Reload the classes spreadsheet once all Gmail Viewers values are populated for each class.

Restricting Gmail Viewer access to domain administrators

If only administrators in your Google Apps domain should have access to the Gmail Viewer for a class, put the value ##None## in the Gmail Viewers column. 

Restricting Gmail View access to a specific Google Group

Note: With this restriction, Domain Administrators can view the Gmail viewer for the class by default.

If only the members of a certain Google Group should have access to the Gmail Viewer for a class, put that group's Google Group Mailbox in the Gmail Viewers column. To grant access to multiple groups, separate the addresses for those groups with commas.


  • Putting the value senior_teachers, councillors in this column will allow members of the groups senior_teachers@<studentdomain> and councillors@<studentdomain> to access the class's Gmail Viewer. 
  • Entering a class's mailbox (or class email address) in each row will allow teachers of the class access the Gmail Viewer for only the classes specified.


Unrestricted Gmail access

If access is not restricted in a class's Gmail Viewer, any user who can access the class in can also access the Gmail View for that class.

If you do not wish to restrict access to a class's Gmail Viewer, leave this column blank.

Setting up Gmail filtered view

By default, the Gmail View dashboard shows all emails in each student's Gmail account. When Gmail Filtered mode is enabled, the Gmail Viewer only shows emails between students and the user logged into Hāpara.

Gmail filtered view can be enabled at the bottom of the Modules > Gmail Viewer page in the Hāpara Admin Console.


The Gmail filter exempt user group

When Gmail filtered view is enabled, you may want some users, like school administrators, to be able to see all student activity in Gmail. The filter exempt user group can be used to exclude some users from seeing the filtered view. 

To set up a filter exempt user group, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Hāpara Admin Console.
  2. Browse to Modules > Gmail Viewer.
  3. Scroll down to the Oversight Group field.
  4. Enter the address of a Google Group.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Please note that users added to this group may not experience a change instantly, as Google Group membership can take time to update.

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