Managing Your Chrome Browser Settings Follow

Chrome Browser Extensions

Some Chrome extensions can prevent parts of Teacher Dashboard from working properly. For example, these features in Teacher Dashboard are known to be affected by some browser extensions:

  • The Google Drive file picker in Smart Share.
  • The document search field at the top right corner of the Dashboard tab.
  • The number-of-items dropdown menu in the top right corner of the Dashboard tab.
If a feature in Teacher Dashboard is not working for you, then please try the following:
  1. Open Teacher Dashboard in a Chrome incognito window, which will disable all browser extensions by default.
  2. If the feature works, then go back to a normal browser window, disable all extensions, and try Teacher Dashboard again. To disable extensions, go into the Chrome menu, select Tools > Extensions, and then un-check the Enabled checkbox for each extension listed.
  3. If the feature still works, then one of your extensions stopped the feature from working. Please re-enable your extensions one at a time to try identifying which one is causing the problem.
  4. If you identify an extension that keeps Teacher Dashboard from working, please let us know so that we can add it to the list below.

Known Problems with Chrome Browser Extensions

These Chrome browser extensions are known to cause problems with Teacher Dashboard:

  • Search All extension by makes the search field disappear. 

Pop-up Blockers

Teacher Dashboard opens popup windows to display various items. For example, the Gmail viewer uses pop-up windows to students' emails. This will not work if you have popups blocked in your browser.

The steps to disable pop-up blockers depend on what browser you are using. Below are links to pages describing how to do this for each of the browsers:

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