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Parent Portal overview

Parent Portal is an application that lets parents see their students' work in Google Drive. It does not require that parents have a Google account. Instead, parents log into Parent Portal using their students' Google usernames and a piece of private student information that a school specifies.

Parent Portal can be accessed at this site:


Set parents' login credentials

  1. Open your students spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  2. If your school is in New Zealand and you would like to use students' National Student Numbers to let parents access Parent Portal, then add a column with the header NID to your students spreadsheet. Otherwise, add a column with the header UID to your students spreadsheet.
  3. In each cell of the spreadsheet's NID or UID column, enter the corresponding student's NSN or a unique ID (must be numerical).
    Parents will use a student's NSN or ID to access Parent Portal. Student IDs are normally a number or code assigned to a student by a school's student information system. Student IDs must be:
    • unknown to people other than the student's parents and the school's staff
    • numerical
    • unique to each student in a school
  4. Reload your students spreadsheet through the Hāpara Admin Console page Manual Load.

Set up a school blog

Parent Portal displays entries from your school blog to provide parents with important information.

  1. If your school does not have a publicly-accessible blog for students' parents, then please create one. Parent Portal's home page will show the most recent posts on this blog. You can use Google Blogger for this.
  2. Post one or two entries in your school's blog. For example, you might write one post with your school's contact information and another with a welcome message for parents.

Enable Parent Portal

  1. Log in to your Hāpara Admin Console.
  2. Browse to Modules > Parent Portal.
  3. Check the box next to Enable Parent Portal.
  4. Under Login data requirements, select one of the following:
    • Require student NID (national ID)
      Select this if you are a New Zealand school using students' NSN for their Parent Portal login.
    • Require student UID (school ID)
      Select this if parents should specify a student's ID to access Parent Portal.
    • Require student DOB
      Select this if parents should specify a student's date of birth to access Parent Portal.
  5. Under Messages, specify the following messages to be shown in Parent Portal, ensuring that they have correct HTML syntax.
    • Login Message. Shown above Parent Portal's login form.
    • Welcome Message. Shown when a parent logs in to Parent Portal.
    • Failed Login Message. Shown when someone tries to log in to Parent Portal with invalid information.
  6. Under Blog RSS URL, enter the URL of your school blog's RSS feed. This must end in ?alt=rss
    • Example:
  7. Click Save Changes.

Ensure that Parent Portal is enabled

  1. Go to<school_domain_name>.
  2. Try to log in with a student's Google Apps username and ID or NSN.
  3. Once logged in, ensure that the page shows the most recent posts on the school blog, with links on the left to let parents view the student's folders in Google Drive.
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