Setting up Individual Learning Plans (Teacher Notes, Student Notes) Follow


Individual Learning Plans—also known as ILPs, Student Notes, or Teacher Notes—are files that let all of a student's teachers share notes about the student. There is one ILP per student, and only a student’s teachers can open it. 

ILPs are created based on a template that your school provides, so they can be a Google document, spreadsheet, presentation, or drawing.

Once Individual Learning Plans are created, they can be accessed via the Student Notes button in the top right corner of each student's panel in Teacher Dashboard:

Setting up the Individual Learning Plan document

  1. Create a template file for your Individual Learning Plans.
    This file must be named "template". It can be a Google doc, spreadsheet, presentation, or drawing.
  2. Share your template with your school's Institutional Content Owner account. This is usually named school.apps.owner@<your_domain>.
  3. Log into Google Drive as your Institutional Content Owner account. (If you do not know this account's password, you can reset it as a domain super-admin).
  4. In My Drive, create a new folder named "Individual Learning Plans", "Teacher Notes", "Student Notes", or whatever you prefer.
  5. Put your template file in the newly created folder.
  6. Log in to your Teacher Dashboard Admin Console.
  7. Go to Modules > Teacher Notes.
  8. Under the Teacher Notes section, enter the name of the folder you created.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Reload your student data, checking the box next to 'Override load comparison and load all records'. If your school uses SIS integration, then please contact us for help with this step.
The students load will create copies of your template for each student found in the students load. The documents created for the students will be named with the student's Google Apps user ID.

Making new Individual Learning Plans from a new template

The student load will check whether students already have an Individual Learning Plan, and it will only create an ILP for a student if the student does not already have one.

If you would like to give students new Individual Learning Plans based on a new template, then please do the following:

  • Log into Google Drive as your School Apps Owner account.
  • Open the folder containing your ILP template file.
  • In addition to your ILP template file, you will see documents named with students' usernames. These are students' ILPs.
  • Remove all files from this folder, including the old ILP template. To save them, move them into another folder. Otherwise, simply delete them.
  • Go through the steps above to put a new template file in the folder and copy that template.
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