Importing Class Rosters from Microsoft Onenote Class Notebooks Follow

Among the suggestions from our pilot schools last year was simplification of Class Roster setup in Hapara, and the ability for School Administrators to access Class Notebooks via Hapara Dashboard without the need to be added as a Teacher.


We heard your feedback and are excited to release the latest set of improvements to Hapara Dashboard for Office365 which addresses both these areas.  

Import Class Rosters from Onenote Class notebooks

We're implemented a Teacher self-service option to load classes from Class Notebooks.  Teachers can now import their Class Rosters from their OneNote Class notebooks directly without waiting for a School System Administrator.  

This removes the dependency on your School System Administrator having to create and manage class groups in Active Directory for Hapara to work effectively.  

School Administrator access

Hapara Dashboard will enable School Administrators (Principals, eLearning Leaders, etc) to view OneNote Class Notebook content without the need to be added as a Teacher into the Class notebooks.  This will significantly improve access for School Administrators and simplify your own OneNote synchronisation.

Setup Instructions for School Administrators

Archive previous year Class rosters

Hapara Dashboard has previously used the AAD method to load Class Rosters.  With recent changes we need these old active directory groups to be updated before we archive old classes from our system.

Please do the following:

  1. Log into Azure Active Directory and update the security group that Hapara Dashboard used to import class rosters, by removing old members and adding new ones.  This group is named td.current, Hapara current (or something similar).
  2. Inform the Hapara team the group is updated so that we can archive the old class rosters on our end.


The School Office 365 tenant administrator has to:

  1. Reinstall the Hapara Dashboard app on your Office 365 tenant
  2. Create (or update) the Active Directory security group that contains all teachers who will access Hapara Dashboard.  This is typically called Hapara.Teachers (or td.teachers or Hapara Teachers) for easy identification.

Once this is completed, teachers will be able to load the class rosters from their own Class Notebooks into Hapara Dashboard for better visibility of student work in OneNote Class Notebooks and OneDrive.


Instructions for Teachers

Import Class Roster from OneNote Class Notebook

To begin with, the teacher should log into Hapara Dashboard and select the Add a Class option on the My Classes page.



In the pop-up window click the Select Notebooks button.


This will display a list of Class Notebooks created by you that have not already been loaded into Hapara Dashboard.


Select the Notebooks that you want to load into Hapara Dashboard and click the Create Class button.  You can select one or more Class notebooks to add at the same time.

The My Classes page is displayed with the 2 newly imported classes displayed as in progress.  You will not be able to select these classes until the rosters have been loaded.  This may take a little while.


Once the Class notebooks rosters have been imported into Dashboard the page refreshes to display the newly created classes as new tiles.


Select a tile to view the class notebook contents for that new class.  

(Note: Classes imported from OneNote Class notebooks will display the OneNote icon on the bottom right of the class tile as shown.)


That’s it - You can now view a bird’s eye view of your existing or new class notebooks!  

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