Improvements to Workspace Cards Follow

As part of the Workspace usability improvements we have been rolling out, we've improved accessibility for customers using Workspace on tablets and other mobile devices, along with a number of changes to Workspace cards. These changes include:


  • After feedback from teachers and learners we've introduced a much-requested feature, Workspace cards can now be colored.


Screen_Shot_2017-03-08_at_9.13.01_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2017-03-08_at_9.13.51_PM.png


  • There are now clearer instructions about adding cards to columns when the columns are empty to make this easier for teachers who are using Workspace for the first time.




  • Adding cards to a Workspace is now separated from the column headings and renaming columns can now be done when editing a Workspace.




  • Overall card styling has been updated to give Workspace a cleaner, more streamlined look.




  • When creating a card, the title is no longer required. Cards can be created with only a title/description/image/link, giving far greater flexibility and making creating Workspaces that much quicker.


  • A new "upload" button has been added to make uploading images or documents to a card quicker. Details about dragging and dropping media directly onto cards has also been included.




  • Images on cards have been expanded to fill more space, as have embedded videos.




  • The Activity Status area has been given a makeover and can now be expanded to show full details.





  • Due dates on student cards will turn red once overdue.


  • Date formats now show as day, month, date instead of relative days, hours and minutes, and the calendar picker has been restyled.





  • Card descriptions can now be expanded to show more, or contracted to show less.




  • Card buttons when editing now show "Done" and "Delete".




  • Improvements have been made to Workspace accessibility on tablets and other mobile devices.



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