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RIC One is a family of services, which enable districts to more efficiently and effectively utilize student data systems and to improve school operations and classroom instruction, while ensuring the privacy of sensitive student data.

RIC One can sync classes, teachers and student data to Hapara daily or on demand. Hapara can only read data from RIC One, Hapara does not write any data to RIC One.


How RIC One data syncs with Hapara:

Hapara obtains necessary data like the StudentEmail address from the emailAddress field of the Student record, via the RIC One API.

Hapara constructs a ClassEmail address by combining the following fields in the Roster record of RIC One:

  • courseTitle
  • schoolSectionId
  • refId (last four digits only - provides uniqueness)

The ClassEmail is also repeated as the ClassName. 


Setting up RIC One sync to Hapara:

Important Note: If you are syncing multiple schools, we recommend enabling School Separation before setting up RIC One integration.

School Separation allows for easier organization of classes and students, improved performance across all Hapara applications, and more flexibility for assigning visibility and administrative privileges at the school level.

To setup School Separation:

  1. Login to the Hapara Admin Console
  2. Click Configuration > School Configuration
  3. Ensure all schools are configured here as per our School Separation Setup article.  The school codes you set up should match the codes coming through from RIC One.
  4. Our support team can assist you with this setup.

To configure RIC One to Hapara sync:

  1. Login to the Hapara Admin Console
  2. Click Data Loader > Sync Configuration
  3. Follow the Sync Configuration setup instructions (more details here).
    You will need the RefID for your LEA from RIC One
  4. When Sync config is complete, click Data Loader > Sync
  5. Select Synchronize daily if you wish to automatically sync class and student data each day
  6. At any time, you can click Synchronize Classes Now or Synchronize Students Now to force a sync update from the Sync page
  7. Progress of current or historical syncs can be viewed in the Data Loader Status page 
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