Hapara Admin Console Changes Follow

The Hapara Admin Console is the hub for administering Hapara for your domain. This is where you upload classes and students, or make changes to configuration settings. 

In January 2018 there will be improvements coming to the homepage, as well as a new domain summary page added. See details below.


Hapara Admin Console Homepage

The homepage of the Admin Console is getting a makeover. No longer an overly long wall of text with a few buried links, we've looked at the areas of the Admin Console that are most frequently used and added quick links to these sections, along with a link to the handy learning center.  


Domain Summary

There is a new Domain Summary page showing how many classes, teachers and students are currently loaded in Hapara for your domain. As many of our customers are transitioning to a model where teachers add classes and students to Hapara directly, we've been receiving requests for up-to-date numbers. 


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