Which Students and Teachers does Analytics analyse? Follow

Hapara Analytics and Hapara Advanced Analytics graph teacher and student activity. Which students' and teachers' activity is graphed?


Existing Hapara Customers

If your institute is an existing Hapara customer using Dashboard, Highlights or Workspace, then Hapara already knows about teachers and students using these products, and Analytics will report on them.

If you want to report on additional teachers and students, you need to import the extra teachers and students. Two methods for importing teachers and students are described below.


New Hapara Customers

New Hapara customers must import the teachers and students that they want Analytics to graph, so that Analytics knows which teachers and students to analyse.


Importing Teachers and Students

Analytics provides two new methods import teachers and students. They are available on the Hapara Admin Console > Modules > Analytics page, and are called:

  1. Load from OU
  2. Load from CSV


Which Method to Use

We strongly recommend using the Load from OU method. Once this method is set up (as described here), changes to your student and teacher population are automatically imported weekly.

Some customers find that the way their OUs are structured does not cleanly separate the teachers and students from other staff (such as cleaners, institute management, parents). These customers may prefer the Load from CSV method (as described here). 









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