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Hapara Highlights was designed to support a classroom management style that fosters the growth of self-aware, independent, 21st century digital citizens. Highlights helps teachers see what learners are doing in Chrome in near-real-time and provides positive feedback mechanisms that allow teachers to reinforce positive learning behaviors.

Changes and New Features in Highlights


Open Tabs 

The Open Tabs feature allows you to open tabs on the browsers of selected learners, groups or the whole class, and display specified sites and/or URLs. Open Tabs will now give teachers the ability to open up to 10 sites and/or URLs at the same time, and to easily access URLs they've used in the past.

There is a new, more prominent Open Tabs button, in addition to the existing link icon. Either of these will load the Open Tabs panel.



You can now enter up to 10 website URL(s) you want to open on your students’ screens (an increase from the previous limit of 5), and copying and pasting lists of links will now work too. 



You can also access previously opened URLs quickly, by selecting Recent Tabs, and then clicking on the URL from the list that shows.




Focused Browsing Sessions 

At the same time as you open tabs for your learners, you can also focus your students on the specified sites or URLs for a set period of time. When a Focused Browsing session is active, learners can’t open new tabs, swap to other tabs, or browse to new sites or URLs. This helps them to work in a controlled environment (eg. timed exercise) or removes the potential distraction of site browsing.

The Focused Browsing options will now be accessed via the same Open Tabs panel shown below.

Focused Browsing still has a number of pre-set time options, however you can also now edit the number of minutes to a custom length of time that works for you (as long as it falls within the school hours set by your Administrator).




Scheduling Browsing Sessions

You can now set up browsing sessions in advance and schedule them from the Open Tabs panel. Teachers can schedule specific URLs to open for a class at the beginning of a class period, or choose to schedule a session where students will be focused only on specific URLs.

Have an online quiz planned? You’ll be able to schedule it to open automatically at the start of class, giving learners more time to work. Making sub plans? Schedule tabs to open, so learners have everything they need!



 A list of Scheduled Browsing Sessions will now be found under Schedule in the Highlights navigation.




Viewing Browsing Sessions in Progress 

When a Focused Browsing Session is in progress for a class this is indicated by a red Focused Session button as shown below.



Clicking on this will show all Focused Browsing Sessions currently in progress for students in this class along with information about what URLs are open, which students are in the session, and how much time is remaining.




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