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Hapara Analytics and Hapara Advanced Analytics graph information about teachers and students. Hapara provide the Load from OU method as a way to automatically import your student and teachers.

Note: If you are an existing Hapara customer, you may not need to use this method at all. Please read the discussion here.

The Hapara Admin Console > Modules > Analytics page includes a section “Load OUs”. Here, for your domain(s), you can set up the Student Organization Unit(s) and the Teacher Organization Unit(s) that Hapara Analytics should analyse. You first specify, then verify, then save the OU names.


Specifying the OU names

For each domain, the "Load OUs" page shows a section like this:


OUs are added by typing the OU name in, as shown in the "Student OUs" section above. Multiple OUs can be entered at the same time by using commas. In the above example, you could enter both student OUs by typing "/Students/North, /Students/South".

Note: It is very important to get this set up right. For example, entering a Teacher OU into the Student OUs section by mistake will corrupt the Analytics graphs. 


Verifying the OU names

After you specify the OU names, you should verify them by clicking the "Verify" button. If Hapara can't find a specified OU it will highlight the problem OU in red:

If all the OUs in a domain are valid, clicking the Verify button causes the message "All OUs are valid" to be shown.


Saving the OU names

To save the verified OU names, click the "Save" button.


Organization Units are loaded each weekend

The Analytics reports are updated each weekend. As part of this process, the OUs are reloaded each weekend. So any change to the OU names specified here or to the membership of those OUs is automatically loaded each weekend.





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