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Student diagnostic check overview

Hāpara Highlights has a self-diagnostic check that is run from a student device, and can help resolve some common issues. 

How to run a student diagnostic check

The Highlights self-diagnostic check is run on the student device, and is as simple as clicking the Highlights extension icon:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on the student device
  2. Locate the Hāpara Highlights extension icon at the top right of the Chrome browser. 

  3. Click on the Highlights extension icon and this will begin the diagnostic process.
  4. Once the diagnostic tests have completed, a page of results will display.
  5. If the student has connectivity to the Internet, click the Send to Hāpara button to send the information shown to Hāpara Support. This helps with product improvement over time.

NOTE: If the Hāpara icon is not visible then the Highlights extension is not installed on the student's device, and this is the cause of the blank student panel

If the Hāpara icon is visible but is greyed out, this is ok - it still works just fine.

Interpreting the student diagnostic test results

See an example screenshot below of diagnostic results, and the definition of each of these sections:



What is being checked?

How to interpret result and troubleshoot further

Extension Installed:

The Highlights extension has been installed and is available

This check should never fail, as the extension must be present for the diagnostic test to run.

Please contact Hapara support if you ever see this fail.

Google available:

The student can communicate with google.com

If this fails, please check the student's internet connection. If the student cannot navigate to google.com, the school firewall or web filter may be preventing the student accessing Google.

Read more about School Network Whitelisting here, and please contact your administrator to diagnose connectivity issues.

Hāpara available:

The student can communicate with Hāpara

If this only impacts one or two students, please contact your administrator to diagnose connectivity issues.

If this impacts your entire class, please check Hāpara Outage updates and contact Hāpara support to troubleshoot further.

Logged in:

The student is logged into their school Google account

If this fails, the student may have logged out of their Google account.

Ask the student to login to their school Google account, and re-run Highlights diagnostics.

Student enrolled:

The student is a member of a Hāpara class with Highlights enabled

If this fails, the student may be logged into an account Hāpara does not recognize yet. If you do not believe that you should receive this error, please contact your administrator to add the student to Hāpara.

Note: This error is expected when a student is not logged into their Google Apps account, or when Highlights has not been enabled yet.

Found multiple valid users:

Only one school Google account is expected to be logged in

If this fails, multiple accounts are logged into the same device. The logged in accounts will display as comma separated values under the "Logged in" section.

Ask all impacted users to remotely sign out of other Google sessions.

Communication Channel:

The student device can receive Highlights messages

If this fails, please check internet connectivity and the strength of the WiFi signal. An intermittent internet connection, or weak WiFi signal may be impacting Highlights connectivity.

Please contact your administrator to diagnose connectivity issues.

Sending student connectivity issues to Hāpara

If using the student diagnostic check did not resolve things, then the teacher can send details of the issue to Hāpara by clicking on the Issue still unresolved link in the student panel:

The teacher should enter the unique code seen once Send Results to Hāpara is clicked from the student diagnostic check into the screen before it can be submitted (e.g. Z9EB).

Hāpara needs this code to link together the teacher's support request with the data from the student device. A description of the problem is recommended to help Hāpara troubleshoot.

On clicking Send the information the teacher entered in the form is sent to Hāpara Support for further processing.

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