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Highlights Focused Browsing Improvement

Previously, when a teacher started a Focused Browsing session for a class, only online students were enrolled in the Focused Browsing session.

Eg: A teacher would start a class or group level focused browsing session. All students currently logged in were "focused" to the specified URLs. If a student arrived late, or logged in after the Focused Browsing began, they would not be focused to the specified URLs.

Now all specified students are enrolled in the Focused Browsing session, regardless. This means that late arriving students will attach themselves to the existing Focused Browsing session when they log in. Also if a student logs out and then logs back in, they are re-focused into the existing Focused Browsing session.

For more about Focused Browsing, please refer to our Support article here.


Workspace Bug fix

Fixed a bug that caused Workspace searches not to filter by Workspace, Group, or Card when requested.

In the below example, the search is isolated to Public Workspaces only. No Cards or Groups are displayed.



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