Prevent students from using multiple Google accounts on their Chrome Device Follow

The below instructions are at an Administrator level, if you are a teacher and you have found multiple users logged into same device, please see this support article here.
To provide a consistent and positive Hapara experience, it's important that policies set in the Google Admin Console apply to all students. Preventing students from signing into multiple Google accounts at once on their Chromebook will decrease avoidance of these set policies.
To prevent students from using multiple Google accounts:
  1. Log into the Google Admin console as a Super Administrator.
  2. Click on Device Management.


  3. Click into Chrome Management, under Device Settings on the left side of the screen.

  4. Click on User Settings.

  5. Select a Student Organizational Unit you'd like to apply this setting to. You can apply this at the domain root level if you wish, but this would also prevent staff from using multiple Google Accounts.

  6. Search for Multiple Sign-in Access in the 'Search settings' box


  7. Select Block multiple sign-in access for users in this organization from the drop down.


  8. At the bottom of the screen, click Save

Note: You may also want to Prevent Students from logging into multiple users within a Chrome Browser session.

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