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How do I add classes to Hapara Dashboard?

Add new rows to the class spreadsheet, and re-load it through the Hapara Admin Console > Data Loader tab > Manual Load page. Please check Google Drive to ensure that the classroom folders exist before adding students to the class.

Although the Google Apps folder or calendar updates take effect immediately, owing to extensive caching there is a delay between the data load and the classes and students appearing in Hapara Dashboard. This is currently on the order of 30-60 minutes, but we are working to minimize this delay.

How do I move students between classes?

Update the Class Code field in student spreadsheet and reload student spreadsheet / CSV file - Hapara Dashboard will automatically create any new folders needed or reassign folder sharing.

Manually moving students between groups in Google Apps Console does not work - since Hapara Dashboard does not maintain a copy of your class roster outside of Google Apps, manual changes to class group membership cannot be detected.

How do I rename a class?

To change the name of a class in Hapara Dashboard, simply change the name of the class in your Classes spreadsheet and reload the spreadsheet.

How do I rename a subject folder?

For classes where no students have yet been added, update the subject folder name(s) in the Classes spreadsheet, and manually remove the old subject folder(s) using the school.apps.owner account.

If the class already has students enrolled, and therefore the students' personal subject folders need to be renamed, please submit a support ticket.

How do I remove a class?

If you'd like to delete a class, please submit a request with our support team. We'd be happy to help removing and classes and folders.

How do I remove students?

If a student leaves your school or your classes that are using Hapara Dashboard, you'll need to remove them from Hapara Dashboard. To do so, ensure that the student's ID remains in the student spreadsheet, but remove the student's class codes. Then reload the student spreadsheet. When Hapara Dashboard sees that the student is to be added to 'no' classes (i.e. all class codes are blank) the student will be removed from all classes.

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