Hapara Dashboard for Office365: Admin Instructions for Implementation Follow

*Currently in Beta Pilot Phase with a limited number of customers*

This document outlines the steps to be performed by a Microsoft Tenant Administrator in order to install Hapara Dashboard during the beta pilot phase.   

Please note that Hapara Dashboard for Office 365 is currently in Pilot stage and therefore not yet available via the Office Store (https://store.office.com/). Once we move to general availability, Microsoft Tenant Administrators will be able to install the Hapara Dashboard app using the standard process from the Office Store.


The following will be needed ahead of implementation:

  1. Office 365 Education tenant has been set up
  2. All Teacher and Student user accounts have been set up with access to appropriate O365 license
  3. Access to AAD portal or equivalent to manage Teacher Validation Group
  4. Administrator account for Tenant - to install app
  5. Classes are using OneNote Class Notebooks  




The following configuration steps are required before Hapara Dashboard is accessible by teachers within a tenant.

Step Description Who
1. Create Teachers Group in AAD Tenant Administrator

Install Hapara App in Tenant 

Tenant Administrator
3. Enable Hapara Dashboard Hapara Team 

Please note that these steps should be performed in the order listed.  

Once the Tenant Administrator has completed steps 1,  and 2, please inform the Hapara team and pass on all information requested by emailing microsoft@hapara.com.  

The Hapara team will then complete step 3 and will inform you via email when teachers can access the Hapara Dashboard app.

Each of these steps are explained in more detail with examples below.

1. Create Teachers Group in AAD

The Tenant Administrator (Sys Admin) has to set up an AAD security group to enable Hapara to identify Teachers.  

If a security group already exists in your tenant that meets the requirements specified below it can be reused, otherwise a new security group need to be created.

Important Note:

  • All Class, Teacher and Master Class list groups that are mentioned in this article refer to AAD Security Groups.
  • The AAD Security Groups should not contain other groups as members as we cannot currently scan a nested group structure

Hapara Dashboard requires an AAD Group (hapara_teachers) which has all the teachers/co-teachers in the school who will be accessing Hapara Dashboard. This is needed to identify the Teachers and Co-teachers at the school and provide them access to the Dashboard.  

(Note: The Teachers group should not contain groups as members, as the members of groups cannot be scanned. This has to be a flat group with only User IDs of teachers as members.)

Once this group is setup, please note the Object ID of the Teachers group.

You can use your own naming conventions for the Teachers groups.

Teachers Group All Teachers across all Classrooms added as members


Tomas George

Jane Doe

Hapara Teacher

2. Install Hapara App in Tenant

The Tenant Administrator will need to login to the Azure portal and then click on a link to add the app to the tenant Office instance.


  1. Login at https://manage.windowsazure.com/ with your Azure Admin account

To add the Hapara Dashboard application (via link)

Prerequisite: Be authenticated as Admin as per Authentication flow above.

1. Ensure you are logged in as the tenant administrator and then click on link below or just copy and paste in the window where you are authenticated.


2. You may be shown a Login page to select the correct account and shown a list of permissions that the application requires.

3. Click the Accept button to add the application to your approved apps.

4. Refresh the applications list page to see the newly added app in your list of apps.  

Notify the Hapara Team to complete setup

School Configuration Checklist

Please review this checklist and ensure you have completed all these steps. 





Teachers Group created

A single group, hapara_teachers, has been set up in AAD which includes all the teachers who will have access to the Hapara Dashboard tool. 

Hapara_teachers group only contains teachers as members.


Installed Hapara App in Tenant

Followed directions above and successfully installed the Hapara App onto the tenant. 

Once you have confirmed the above checklist, please use the following table as a template and send the details via email to microsoft@hapara.com (cc: tanya.johnson@hapara.com)





Domain URL

The domain name set up in Office configuration. If the school has multiple domain entries, this should be the domain used in the Teachers and Students email address.

for e.g. Joe.Bloggs@hapara.school.nz


Object ID (GUID) of Teachers Only group

set up in AAD 


Congratulations! You have now completed the configuration steps for your school.  

Please inform the Hapara team (microsoft@hapara.com) with the details requested above and we will complete setup, test the configuration and inform you when Teachers can access the Hapara Dashboard tool.

Enable Hapara Dashboard

This step is completed by the Hapara team.  

We will add your school domain to our list of authorised domains so that after login Teachers are able to access their Student information via Hapara Dashboard. 

How to Access the Hapara Dashboard App 

After the Hapara team confirms that setup is completed, teachers in your domain who are in classes involved in the pilot will be able to access the Hapara App via this URL: 


To login they need to click on the "Sign in with Microsoft"  button and use their Office 365 Education account to login.


There is a User Guide that explains how teachers can use the Hapara Dashboard for O365 App.


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