Hapara Dashboard for O365: User Guide for Admins and Teachers Follow

*User Guide for early-access Beta Pilot Schools*

Hapara Dashboard helps schools and teachers use Microsoft Office 365 for Education (O365) in the classroom by providing visibility and ease of use across O365 Apps - OneNote Class Notebooks, OneDrive files and learner Outlook Emails.

This article is intended as an User Manual for early-access pilot school users while we continue to enhance Dashboard for Office 365.

How does Hapara Dashboard for O365 work?

Using Hapara Dashboard for O365


Known Limitations or Issues

How does Hapara Dashboard work?

Hapara Dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of learners’ digital work and collaboration within your cloud education platform (MS Office 365 Education).

It simplifies access to learner work via a uniform interface that displays learner work organised by class across the OneNote Class Notebook, OneDrive or Outlook apps.  


Set up

Depending on the implementation option chosen by the School Administrator, Hapara Dashboard either uses OneNote Class Notebooks (recommended), or class groups from your Active Directory (AD) to import Class Roster information. This enables Hapara to recognize Teachers, the classes they are teaching and which learners are in each class.



The Class Roster structure that is set up in your school domain is used by Hapara Dashboard in the creation of Hapara Dashboard classes.

Hapara Dashboard gives teachers visibility into their learner' activity in Class Notebooks, Outlook & OneDrive.


Before you begin


  • Classes are using OneNote Class Notebooks


Using Hapara Dashboard for O365


To login to Hapara Dashboard please navigate to the following URL and click on the ‘Sign in with Microsoft’ button: https://ms.teacherdashboard.com


You will be redirected to the Microsoft Login page. Login here using your Office 365 for Education account.  


On successful login you will return to Hapara Dashboard where you will be shown the Manage Classes Page with your list of classes.


Manage Classes

The Manage Classes page is the landing page for all teachers once they are successfully authenticated. From the Manage Classes page, teachers are able to view their current list of classes, add classes, change class colours, modify their default list of classes displayed and also change the Class Notebook linked to a Class.


My Classes

The My Classes page displays a list of all the classes that you are associated with. You will either already be linked to your classes as part of the setup and should be able to view learners in each class by clicking the class tile, or you will be able to click the “Add Class” option and add your classes from OneNote Classroom to Hapara Dashboard.


Note: The Class list may be based on physical classrooms if learners don’t move around between periods (typical for Primary Schools) or based on Periods if learners move around to different rooms or have different teachers for each period (typical for Intermediate and High Schools).


You can change the list in this page by ‘unstarring’ some of the classes or ‘starring’ additional classes from the All Classes page.


Empty My Classes list

In certain setup scenarios, the My Classes page will be empty to start with. In this case Teachers should either navigate to the All Classes tab and then “star” the classes they teach to make them appear in their My Classes list in the future, or add new classes by clicking the “Add Class” option.





All Classes

The All Classes page displays the list of classes loaded for your school. Depending on the configuration you will be able to view

  1. All classes that you are associated with
  2. All classes in your school that have been loaded into Hapara

You can use this page to ‘star’ other classes that you want displayed on your My Classes page.



Import Class Roster from OneNote Class Notebook

To begin with, the teacher should log into Hapara Dashboard and select the Add a Class option on the My Classes page.


In the pop-up window click the Select Notebooks button.



This will display a list of Class Notebooks created by you that have not already been loaded into Hapara Dashboard. 

Select the Notebooks that you want to load into Hapara Dashboard and click the Create Class button.  You can select one or more Class notebooks to add at the same time.

The My Classes page is displayed with the 2 newly imported classes displayed as in progress.  You will not be able to select these classes until the rosters have been loaded.  This may take a little while.


Once the Class notebooks rosters have been imported into Dashboard the page refreshes to display the newly created classes as new tiles.


Select a tile to view the class notebook contents for that new class.  

(Note: Classes imported from OneNote Class notebooks will display the OneNote icon on the bottom right of the class tile as shown.) 


That’s it - You can now view a bird’s eye view of your existing or new class notebooks!  


Edit Class

Clicking the Edit icon on a Class tile will enable you to make changes to the Class Nickname, Class Colour or Class Notebook linked to class.


Note: Any changes made via the Class Edit Icon are specific to each teacher and will not affect the settings for other teachers in the same class.


Relink Class Notebook

You can use the Edit Notebook option to change the Notebook linked to a class.  This may be needed when a class notebook has become too large and therefore a new Notebook has been created for the class midway through the year.



Link Class notebook on initial launch

Prior to accessing the OneNote module, each class created via AD should be linked to a Class Notebook (there is no need to do this for classes added using the "Add Class" feature). This is a one time activity for each class and can be performed by any teacher who has access to the class as well as the class notebook.

The initial linking is done from the My Classes page.


The first teacher to select a class from the My Classes page will be prompted to link the Class Notebook related to the class. As mentioned, this is a one time action per class and will be shared across teachers for that class.

When prompted, select the correct Class notebook for the class from the list displayed to you.  


Note: Only Class Notebooks that you created or in which you have been added as a co-teacher will be visible in the link Class Notebook page.



Once you select the Class Notebook, the link is established and the Teacher is then taken to the OneNote Dashboard tab.


OneNote Student Panels

The OneNote tab allows teachers to view the most recently updated pages from various sections in the Class Notebook, within individual student panels.

Since Hapara Dashboard automatically displays the most recently updated pages in each section along with the last modified date in each the Student Panels, teachers can easily access the latest work without the need to search for it using the Find features in the OneNote desktop application.

This gives teachers a bird’s eye-view of learner activity.

Clicking on a page in a student panel will open that page up in the OneNote Desktop or Web version, depending on the teacher’s preference.



Common Features

The options in the top right submenu enable you to Sort, Refresh or change the Number of Items displayed.




The OneDrive tab provides visibility into student files that are stored in OneDrive.

This view displays the most recently updated documents in the learner OneDrive folders, along with timestamps for when they were last updated and by whom.

One of the advantages of this view is that the teacher can see all the files in learners’ folders, including those that the learner has not yet shared with the teacher.



The OneDrive tab has 2 sub tabs:


This tab displays all the files that the learner has recently viewed or edited via their OneDrive. It includes files in the learner’s own OneDrive, as well as files in another user’s OneDrive that they have viewed or edited recently.


This tab displays all files that have been shared with the learner from another User’s (Teacher or Student) OneDrive.


The Outlook tab allows teachers to view the emails in a learner’s Outlook Inbox, Sent Mail and Trash folders. 

If the Outlook tab is not visible when you log into Dashboard this means that this feature has been disabled by the School Administrator.  

When enabled, Teachers can preview learner emails. 

NOTE: A filtered version that will be available shortly will only display emails exchanged between the logged in teacher and their students.




1. You are currently not listed as a teacher in this Class Notebook!

Why am I getting this error when I select a class to view its Class Notebook?


The security built into OneNote Class Notebooks prevents a teacher from accessing the contents of a Class Notebook if they are not added as a co-teacher via the Class Notebook app in the office portal. We are working with the Microsoft Engineering team to address this issue.

To resolve this in the meantime, please ask the owner or any co-teacher in the Class Notebook to add you using the Class Notebook apps - Add or remove teachers option.


Known Limitations or Issues


  • Dashboard currently only displays sections directly under the Collaboration Space section (Green box) of a Class Notebook under the Collaboration tab. If there are sections groups or subsections (Red box) under the Collaboration space these will not be visible in the Hapara Collaboration tab as shown below.


Screen_Shot_2017-06-28_at_1.25.57_PM.pngSimilarly, if there are section groups created under the main sections created via the Class Notebook web app for each learner (e.g. Notes, Projects, Homework, etc), they will not be visible in Hapara Dashboard.

  • The Groups option displayed in the Hapara OneNote tab does not work currently.


  • The Sorting, Copy of Layout and Number of Items to Display options in the OneNote tab work but will not be remembered between sessions.



The Microsoft OneDrive APIs used to retrieve information about learner documents has the following issues which are being addressed by the Microsoft development team:

  • Documents updated in the learner’s OneDrive are not being returned in the correct order. As a result, some of the most recently modified documents are not displayed.  

The Microsoft team is working on a fix for this which will be available in a few days.


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