Archiving and Data loader Improvements - Jan 2017 Follow

Retry Option to Try Individually Failed Processes
Once School Administrators have addressed issues within a data load file they now have the ability to rerun the individual process rather than doing a complete reload.  

Academic Year Suffixes Standardised
To minimise errors, and simplify the data loading process, Hapara is moving away from customers editing the Academic Year Suffix. The Academic Year Suffix will now be set automatically for Southern Hemisphere customers to "-2016" and "-2017", and for Northern Hemisphere customers to "-1516" and "-1617". When archiving finishes at the end of the school year, the academic year suffix will automatically increment using the format set for Northern or Southern Hemisphere (e.g. "-2016" or "-1617").

Unsaved Data Confirmation 
When leaving a page in the Hapara Data Loader, a confirmation message will show if any unsaved data has been entered.

More Easily Understandable Error Messages
Our team have rewritten the error messages that can appear when a data load fails to make them more easily understandable and help customers resolve Data Loading issues.

Loading Classes with the Same Name
Loading a class with the same name as a previously deleted class used to result in an error. This has been updated to allow the class to be created.

Overwriting Sites
When creating a Site over an existing Site an error message now shows. Previously this would fail silently with no notification to the School Administrator.

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