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On November 22, 2016: Google launched a rebuilt version of Sites. The existing Sites API cannot access or modify Sites made with the new version, but can still access classic Sites.

This means that any new version Google Sites cannot be displayed in Hapara Products, as there is no current API support. The Hapara team has engaged Google to open API access to new version Sites and we will update this article as we learn more.

Not all existing features are available in the new version sites yet, so please be sure to send feedback to Google to voice your feature requests and bug reports as Google does not monitor these forums.

Google have confirmed that there will be migration tools available in 2017, and we're hoping API access will open up around the same time, if not sooner. Read more here: Migrate classic Sites to new Sites

For a comparison of new sites, please see this article: Classic Sites vs. New Sites

NOTE: You can continue using Classic Sites in your domain, which are supported in Hapara products.

Please see this article on Re-enabling Classic Sites for visibility within Hapara Dashboard.

If you're unsure whether a Google site is a classic version or a new version, you can check the URL, as published sites have a subtle difference in the URL structure to classic sites. Classic sites have /a/ in the published URL where new sites do not:

New Sites are enabled by default, this configuration can be changed by a Domain Super Administrator in the G-Suite Admin Console. There are instructions how to enable Classic Sites here.
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